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More flat bottle Thom. Party on in the County Attorney’s office!! I wonder if I could get a job there…

If the allegations prove to be true in the article below, the county board needs to get off their collective asses and get rid of this vodka soaked excuse for a county attorney.  I’d argue they should have acted after he showed up smashed to teach class at the college, certainly after his arrest for […]

Once again, our impaired county attorney drops the ball. As a prosecutor, how do you overlook filing a brief on an appeal? Nonfeasance? Misfeasance? Too much Takka perhaps?

Murder conviction tossed in Carlton County fentanyl overdose By Tom Olsen Today at 8:56 p.m. The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reversed a Cloquet man’s murder conviction for allegedly providing a fatal dose of a prescription painkiller to his daughter’s friend. In overturning Robert Todd Ferguson’s third-degree murder conviction, the three-judge panel noted that prosecutors […]

And yet, another sweet plea agreement. You’d think Pertler gets paid by how many plea agreements he writes, wouldn’t you?

Barnum man convicted of killing family pets by throwing them outside on frigid night By Jamie Lund on Dec 18, 2015 at 4:31 p.m. A Barnum man was sentenced last month after being convicted of three felonies stemming from an incident in February in which he terrorized his family and killed several family pets. Tyrone […]

Voter fraud in Cartoon County? Tell me it isn’t so.

Well boys and girls, it would appear another little problem has reared its ugly head.  Apparently one of our election Judges did his job and reported some suspicious ballots, our fine Cartoon County Auditor did his job, investigated the allegations, found two of them were in fact ineligible to vote from their felony convictions, and […]

And yet, another Cartoon County employee skates on a criminal charge. Its gotta be nice to have friends in high places.

Well boys and girls, if you’ve been a skeptic, here is another example of preferential treatment.  For those of you that don’t know Mr. Ed, he works in Cartoon County Human Services.  Once again, our Deputies did their job, the system kicks them in the gonads.  The party Ed hosted was heard well over a […]

I’d argue he should have stepped down after his last drunken fiasco at FDL. Teaching a law enforcement class drunk after driving there? Come on.

Published July 26, 2012, 12:00 AM in the Duluth News Tribune. Our view: Carlton County attorney can step down, get help His job as an elected leader in Carlton County includes prosecuting drunken drivers. But last week Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler was the one arrested on suspicion of being under the influence while being […]

The new RNC ad and our current sitting county attorney, Not much of a difference between the White House and the Courthouse, is there?

Granted, we’re talking about two different and distinct levels of Government, but the attitudes are the same. If you dare to listen to the youtube clip posted below and are able to compare with a clear mind, I think you’ll see stark similarities between our sitting president and our sitting county attorneys attitudes. If you’re […]

Now, there was no special treatment here, was there? Were there any breath tests done?

Now, its always been my understanding that if I’m turning right on a red light, I have to yield.  All these years I’ve been doing it this way and I guess I was wrong.  It appears as though the Cartoon County attorney admitted “scooting” through the parking lot to avoid being late, right?  Is that […]

This will be entertaining to watch, just remember this next time you vote.

Seems to me this is another classic example of wasting tax dollars.  Now, I don’t know about any of you, but Pertler must have an ego about the size of Mount Rushmore to appeal a Judge’s decision like the one below.  Keep in mind all the cases you’ve seen highlighted in the news about the […]

One must wonder the real reason the victims weren’t contacted. Once again, the cops do their jobs, nobody else is interested in doing theirs.

Yup, the victims advocate of Cartoon county was right on top of things, don’t you think?  Why is the so called “advocate” getting a grant check if he isn’t doing his job?  The highlighting in the article is ours. Cloquet man last of three sentenced in home intrusion incident The last of the three armed […]