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  1. Hal Karjala says:

    if “Ron” is seeking the truth, he should be talking with some of her past victims!!

  2. 52willys3A says:

    Sadly, hw isn’t seeking the truth. If he was, he’d look at evidence and fact. Like you say, “talk to her victims.” Instead, he lashes out at those that question his judgement with name calling and innuendo, as flawed as it is. Thanks for the comment.

  3. If you want to see how this farce with Carlton County attorney Thom Pertler will all play out, then all you need to do is look into the coverup of former Douglas County Attorney Allen Senstad. On November 16, 1996 A drunk and “extremely upset” Senstad pulls a .32-caliber pistol and begins to wave it around at a neighbor’s home. Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Loses his job? Sorry. Instead we have a political solution . . . aka injustice. You will find out that Carlton county is not ruled by law but instead ruled by politics – just like Douglas county was and still is.

    “You hear that folks! There’s two sets of laws: One for the police and one for the ordinary citizen.” Gomer Pyle from The Andy Griffith Show, “Citizen’s Arrest” Season 4, Episode 11, December 16, 1963.

    If you want to find out how serious your county commissioners are about “law & order,” then all you have to do is demand that they start the paperwork to have your lawless county attorney removed from office. How? Mn Statute 351.4, Mn Statute 351.15, and Mn Statute 351.16 say all you need to do is start a petition to have Thom Pertler booted out of office.

    The county commissioners will be upset with you when you present this information because it will expose their political circus they will try to institute to keep Pertler in office.

  4. Kristine Papas says:

    I attended the Cloquet Labor Day parade yesterday and I was struck by all the negativity displayed on the Democrat themed floats and marchers. From “Women against Cravaak” and Veteran’s against War, it left me wondering what in the world these people were FOR? The most insulting were 2 signs on a float that said “Rich people, pay your fair share.” I wonder how many “rich” people actually in the crowd that needed to have their face rubbed into such an insult. The life size cutout of Obama on one float reminded me of the adoration given to dictators. Were we supposed to bow down to it like king of Babylon in the Old Testament? Actually on my end of the street, I didn’t notice any applause for any political float. I am assuming no one wanted to give away their political leanings to their neighbors, being this presidential race is so divided.

  5. Kristine Papas says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how complacent the people of this city can be. To accept a lame explanation given by Brian Fritsinger about the city not being able to afford putting up a flag on every light pole. How that is saving any significant money is beyond me.But of course their solution is to propose a new city tax. I watched Mr Brenner march in yesterday’s parade and could not help thinking how he has botched the handling of Thom Pertler’s DWI. How this man still has a job in the attorney’s office is beyond me. Cloquet and Carlton county are nothing but a “good old boys” club and always has been. I for one and tired of my tax dollars misused by these people.

  6. P DiPietro says:

    Its refreshing to see someone who is sick of all the BS were being fed and tired of being led around like sheep and not afraid to speak out about it. GOOD JOB.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please look into the shenanigans in Wrenshall with their upcoming school referendum. Something is fishy here.

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