More flat bottle Thom. Party on in the County Attorney’s office!! I wonder if I could get a job there…

If the allegations prove to be true in the article below, the county board needs to get off their collective asses and get rid of this vodka soaked excuse for a county attorney.  I’d argue they should have acted after he showed up smashed to teach class at the college, certainly after his arrest for DWI.  If the county board would have done a bit of research and sought his removal for Habitual Drunkenness based on Minnesota Statute 351.07, it likely would have saved the taxpayers a pile of money, embarrassment, and frustration.  What about the judges and other professionals in the courthouse that witnessed his behavior and smelled booze?  Shouldn’t they be held to some kind of a standard for allowing such behavior?  Its a shame he wasn’t held responsible, as an elected official. As a friend pointed out, this is “typical drunk behavior”, blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility.


At any rate, you can read the latest story here:

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