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Before you get too critical of the police, remember that a Judge read the probable cause affidavit and approved the warrant.

ARMED AND DANGEROUS COPS TRAUMATIZE FAMILY WITH BOGUS, MISDIRECTED ‘POT BUST’ ‘We’ll never be the same,’ after police sniff hydroponic tomato garden Published: 22 hours ago A family in America’s heartland was traumatized when local cops invaded their home, battering ram in hand, searching for marijuana based on their purchase of hydroponic gardening equipment to […]

She calls it “the journey to hell”.

Inside ISIS’s ‘Little Britain’ stronghold: Tea with the White Widow from Kent, sharing a house with the Manchester Terror Twins – the first glimpse of life inside the caliphate, by a British jihadi’s widow who’s escaped Islam Mitat, 23, had been married to her British husband for three months when he suggested that they move […]

Our ineffective and incompetent county attorney strikes again.

Tom Pertler’s mug shot It was published last week that one of our local scumbags pleaded guilty to murder, of course, it involved a plea agreement.  Wayne Joseph Bosto has a criminal history dating back to 2001 when he was 18 and that history includes multiple convictions for various degrees of assault, brawling, felon in […]

Another obama “dreamer” occupying a sanctuary city.

ICE not alerted when sex assault suspect released from jail in 2016, official says Accused Portland attacked deported 20 times KGW 6:06 PM. PDT July 28, 2017   PORTLAND, Ore. — A man accused of breaking into a 65-year-old woman’s home, sexually assaulting her and stealing her car was arrested after allegedly assaulting another woman […]

Why is free speech only important to the left when they are doing the talking? Ellison is an ass clown…

Ellison: Trump Trying to Circumvent ‘the Whole System’ – ‘We Fought a War of Independence’ Against King George for That by IAN HANCHETT27 Jul 20172,214 On Thursday’s broadcast of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” DNC Deputy Chair Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) argued that President Trump uses Twitter in a manner that is comparable to the behavior of England’s […]


The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…and he’s a state representative.

Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Raymond Dehn Proposes Police Officers Be Required To Leave Their Guns In Cars BY COWGIRL ON JULY 26, 2017 Mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn suggests disarming police officers is a valid solution. Raymond Dehn Suggests Disarming Police Officers Minneapolis, MN –  Raymond Dehn, candidate for Minneapolis mayor, is proposing police officers leave their […]

Trannys need not apply. Its about time, don’t you think? Our military is not the place for social experiments.

Trump announces ban on transgender individuals serving in military By Barnini ChakrabortyPublished July 26, 2017 Fox News Trump says transgender people cannot serve in US military President Trump touched off a firestorm Wednesday after tweeting that he wants to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military in any capacity — citing advice from […]

Great hump day news.

Majority Whip Steve Scalise discharged from hospital after nearly 6 weeks By Brooke SingmanPublished July 26, 2017 Fox News House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and was moved to an inpatient rehabilitation facility after more than a month of surgeries, Fox News confirmed. Scalise, R-La., had been treated at […]

This thing looks worse every day.

Justine Damond Was The Source Of The ‘Loud Noise’ Before She Was Shot BY ANDREW BLAKE ON JULY 25, 2017 Justine Damond reportedly slapped the Minneapolis police car before she was shot. A Search Warrant Says Woman Slapped Back Of Police Car Before Being Killed Minneapolis, Minnesota – A search warrant implies that Justine Damond […]