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Once again, we don’t need more gun control…Canada has plenty…we need lunatic control.

31 December 2014 Last updated at 00:15 ET Canada Edmonton: Eight killed in ‘senseless mass murder’ Police say the handgun was legally owned, but reported stolen Six adults and two children have been shot dead in the Canadian city of Edmonton as a man carried out what police called a “senseless mass murder” linked to “extreme domestic […]

Folks still think Slick Willy was impeached for getting a hummer…thanks to the misinforming media.

A FURTHER PERSPECTIVE ARE FACTS OBSOLETE? The media do not merely ignore facts, they suppress facts. By Thomas Sowell – 12.31.14 Some of us, who are old enough to remember the old television police series Dragnet, may remember Sgt. Joe Friday saying, “Just the facts, ma’am.” But that would be completely out of place today. Facts are becoming obsolete, […]

Have you ever wondered what would happen?

Yeah, it appears popular to whine about the cops but have you wondered what would happen if there weren’t men and women willing to put themselves in harms way for you?  Not just peace officers but firefighters, our marvelous military, the list goes on and on.  What would happen if all those like phony Al […]

There’s got to be a whole lot more to this story.

Trooper indicted in July 4 crash that killed 2 in Cannon Falls Associated Press POSTED:   12/30/2014 12:01:00 AM CST | UPDATED:   ABOUT 6 HOURS AGO   Two people were killed Friday when a Minnesota State Patrol trooper responding to an injury crash collided with a vehicle that pulled out in front of his squad as […]

Speaking of arrogant hypocrisy….yes, that is a handicap parking sign next to the patrol car.

The continual arrogant hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.

POLITICS Anti-Gun Rahm Emanuel’s Yard Sign Warns Burglars That He Has Armed Secret Service 10:35 AM 12/30/2014 PATRICK HOWLEY Political Reporter PATRICK HOWLEY Patrick Howley is an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller. Chicago Mayor and gun-control advocate Rahm Emanuel is protected in his home at all hours of the day and night by armed […]

They want to cover their ass but choose what gets released. It doesn’t work that way.

State denies Duluth Police application to keep body cam data private December 29, 2014 Updated Dec 29, 2014 at 6:33 PM CSTDuluth, MN (– The Minnesota Department of Administration has declined an application by the Duluth Police Department that would impose restrictions to public access to police body camera video.The city filed an application asking […]

Servin’ Up the Second Amendment

Special Report by Ginny Simone / NRA News Good food, friendly service and a huge helping of freedom — that’s what they’re dishing up at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. “It’s not about politics, it’s a way of life,” says one of the servers, who can be seen with a Ruger Blackhawk .357 strapped on […]

Yes, he really did say that…then again, he’s campaigned in all 57 states too…

H/T Weaselzippers Gaffe: Obama Thinks Tehran Is A “Country”…  Yes, he’s still the smartest man to ever walk the face of the Earth. NPR:We’re speaking at a moment after you’ve announced that you’re restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba. You want to reopen an embassy there. Is there any scenario under which you can envision, in […]

Do you really wonder why the cops dislike this moron?

BILL DE BLASIO 2 HOURS LATE TO WAKE FOR SLAIN OFFICER RAFAEL RAMOS   by WARNER TODD HUSTON 27 Dec 2014New York, NY Mayor Bill De Blasio Under Scrutiny as City Honors Murdered NYPD Officer  On Friday evening, thousands of New Yorkers attended a memorial service for Rafael Ramos, one of the two NYPD officers assassinated a […]