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The whiner in chief speaks again, and says nothing.

You know folks, this guy had four years to do pretty much anything he wanted.  He did, in fact, play 110 games of golf, spend millions of your dollars vacationing, entertaining, and making things worse.  How many of you would whine about having to work on New Years Eve to try to stop what could […]

This comes as a huge surprise, doesn’t it? Good thing it was all covered up until after elections, huh?

Senate committee report on Benghazi terrorist attack faults State Department Published December 31, 2012 A scathing Senate committee report on the Benghazi terrorist attack faults the State Department for failing to adequately respond to mounting security threats in the lead-up to the assault. The report says the facility was woefully under-protected at a time when the […]

You don’t suppose Hillary’s doctors are taking lessons from slick willy, do you?

Secretary Clinton in hospital with blood clot stemming from concussion Published December 30, 2012 Nov. 16, 2012: File photo, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton poses for photographs before a dinner hosted by Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam, unseen, at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore. (AP) Secretary of State […]

Irony and hypocrisy at its finest. Does anyone remember Brian Terry and the fast and furious sham?

Guns and Gear Police: Christmas Eve firefighter shooter used ‘straw purchaser’ to acquire weapons 1:22 PM 12/29/2012 Gregg Re Associate Editor The 62-year-old convicted felon who gunned down two firefighters and wounded three first responders on Christmas Eve in Webster, New York used weapons his neighbor illegally purchased for him, according to state and federal […]

And yet, another outstanding public servant.

Dakota County judge is charged with gross-misdemeanor DWI Article by: PAT PHEIFER , Star Tribune Updated: December 27, 2012 – 11:17 PM Charges say Judge Michael Sovis crashed an SUV into parked vehicles in St. Paul on Christmas Eve. hide Dakota County District Judge Michael V. Sovis Dakota County District Judge Michael V. Sovis has been charged […]

Why? What has the U.N. ever done to benefit the USA?

U.S. Taxpayers Will Continue to Pay More Than One-Fifth of U.N. Budget By Patrick Goodenough December 28, 2012   Joseph Torsella, deputy ambassador for U.N. management and reform, speaks at U.N. headquarters in New York City in this September 2011 file photo. (UN Photo by Evan Schneider) ( – In one of its last actions of […]

FLASHBACK: Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan on gun control: ‘Kiss my !@#’ [VIDEO]     Read more:

What a sad ending to a tragic saga. Don’t these men understand they can get a divorce? How utterly senseless.

Published December 27, 2012, 01:42 PM UPDATE: Husband of slain Wisconsin police officer arrested in her death The husband of a police officer who was fatally shot on Christmas Eve while patrolling in suburban Milwaukee has been arrested in connection with her death, authorities said Thursday.By: Associated Press report, Associated Press  MILWAUKEE — Authorities have arrested […]

An update on some of our local dopers. A huge thank you and JWD to all involved.

Published December 26, 2012, 01:54 PM Updated: Seven charged in Cloquet drug investigation Seven people were charged with selling drugs – mostly methodone – after a four-month-long investigation culminated in their arrest Monday, Dec. 16. By: Jana Peterson, Pine Journal Seven people were charged with selling drugs – mostly methodone – after a four-month-long investigation culminated […]

Earl Griffin of the Barking Window is about the only one I’ve heard that gets the term “assault rifle” right.

Regarding Gun Control: What is an “Assault Rifle?” December 22, 2012 Barking Window Earl Griffin I am more familiar with firearms than the average person. I sold them for a living for several years. I worked as a Peace Officer. I have trained on many firing ranges under the tutelage of men and woman whose […]