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It was just a matter of time and four more years. Don’t cry about it, you had to know it was coming with a group of thieves and marxists running your government.

MILLER: Thwarting global gun grabbers Congress moves to stop Obama from signing U.N. arms treaty By The Washington Times Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Enlarge Photo President Obama focuses his gaze on a reporter as he responds to … more > The United Nations is pushing gun control on a global scale, and President Obama is on board. Just a […]

Another reason to reinstitute the death penalty.

Published November 30, 2012, 06:41 AM Minnesota police officer shot, killed while on duty; suspect in custody A Cold Spring, Minn., police officer was shot and killed late Thursday when he was trying to do a welfare check, Stearns County Chief Deputy Bruce Bechtold said during an early morning news conference today. By: Eric Stromgren, […]

and the scam continues. are you folks paying attention?

Politics Report: Obamas to spend holidays in Hawaii at $4 million cost to taxpayers 2:06 PM 11/29/2012 Caroline May Political Reporter The first family will be vacationing in Hawaii for the Christmas holidays at a cost of at least $4 million to taxpayers, according to a report from the Hawaii Reporter. The Hawaiian paper reports that residents living near the beachfront […]

What an honorable thing to do.

BUSINESS ‘YOU ALSO HAVE TO GIVE BACK’: RETIRING MINN. MAN GIVES AWAY BUSINESS TO HIS EMPLOYEES Posted on November 28, 2012 at 11:00pm by  Becket Adams Joe Lueken (Lueken’s Village Foods) After spending nearly 46 years building and running his successful Lueken’s Village Foods chain of grocery stores, Joe Lueken, 70, announced earlier this month that he is […]

GQ magazine names Moochelle #7 least influential people.

GQ Magazine Names Mooch One Of 2012′s “Least Influential People”… (Gasping in horror) But she’s queen of America!

what a surprise.

GOVERNMENT REPUBLICANS LEAD THE BEST-RUN STATES IN AMERICA, DEMOCRATS DOMINATE THE WORST Posted on November 27, 2012 at 6:29pm by  Glenn Hall The annual Best and Worst Run States in America survey by 24/7 Wall St. came out today, revealing that the top 5 states are led by Republicans while the bottom five are dominated by Democrats. The list […]


Published November 28, 2012, 12:00 AM Personal assistant accused of taking $35,000 from elderly woman A personal assistant hired by a woman in a Duluth nursing home has been accused of stealing more than $35,000 from her client.By: Mark Stodghill, Duluth News Tribune  Jamie Marie Swor Jamie Marie Swor A personal assistant hired by a woman […]

Its a pretty sad day when Pravda understands things better than democrats and rino’s. Communist? yeah, I’d have to agree.

POLITICS RUSSIAN NEWS OUTLET PRAVDA (PREVIOUSLY THE OFFICIAL PRESS OF THE USSR) LABELS OBAMA A ‘COMMUNIST’ IN SCATHING OPED Posted on November 26, 2012 at 10:48am by  Tiffany Gabbay Editor’s note: We’ll be discussing this story and all the day’s news on our live BlazeCast at 1pm ET: Vintage Pravda cover during the days of the […]

one physician’s view of obammycare. Dirty little secrets about it nobody talks about are all coming your way.

A Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law Ironically, but expectedly, the ones who do this now are likely to have supported Obamacare. – November 24, 2012 – 12:00 am Obama won, Obamacare is the law, and, as my wife says, I will just have to learn to dance to a […]

Southwest Shooting Authority has it right and is sticking to its guns.

Gun Store Owner Who Banned Obama Supporters Says ‘Business Is Booming’ By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. November 25, 2012 Subscribe to Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.’s posts Last week, the owner of an Arizona gun shop made national headlines after it was reported that he had posted a sign and taken out a full page ad in a local newspaper that […]