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Yup, the campaigner in chief. Good job.

We all probably know someone that doesn’t have anything to eat, we all know folks struggling is this anemic economy, meanwhile, Barack and Michelle are living it up.  At $188,000.00 an hour, Air Force One is hauling Obama anyplace he wants to go for any reason despite law intended to prevent it.  Its said Michelle’s […]

do you think your freedoms aren’t being infringed? Think again sunshine. Take a peek at HR 347.

I find it hard to believe that our Congress would even pass a bill like HR 347 but it happened, Nobama signed it, its law.  Forget about your Constitutional rights of freedom of speech, forget about your right to address any grievance you may have with your government, forget about the constitution.  As far as […]

Mr. County attorney, this video could be a learning experience for you. Please take a few minutes to watch and learn, maybe show it to your co-conspirators in the courthouse.

For those of you still wondering why the Gross Misdemeanor hooker case was tossed by our good judge, listen to Mr. Dershowitz’s interview.  Its about “elements of a crime”.  Every cop know it, every judge knows it, apparently not all prosecutors understand the concept. Liberal Legal Scholar Alan Dershowitz Calls Prosecutor‘s Affidavit in Zimmerman Case […]

Maybe Eric Holder and Tom Pertler should follow suit. Do you think there will be charges for lying to Congress? At some point, they should get a clue.

High-ranking DOJ official to resign amid Fast and Furious, Virgin Islands bribery scandals Published: 3:40 PM 04/25/2012 By Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller U.S. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich plans to resign his position soon, as two different scandals rage on in which he has provided allegedly misleading information to Congress. Weich, who has served as Attorney […]

There’s way too much weed being smoked in Washington.

  OBAMA ADMIN: THE WAR ON TERROR IS ‘OVER’  by BEN SHAPIRO 1 day ago Today, the National Journal reported that a senior State Department official has announced, “The war on terror is over.”  “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida,” the source said, “now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who […]

I’d sure like to know how this happened.

Now folks, you realize by now that plea bargains are a way of doing business in our courthouse, that is no longer a surprise to anyone, but when I saw this in the paper, I once again scratched my head and wondered how did it even get charged?  We’re looking at some pretty serious charges […]

You gotta love this guy, he knows history and isn’t afraid to speak of it.

Why does it not surprise me? Union thugs endorsing a cop killer. Nice.

LEFT-WING TEACHERS PLAN TO ‘OCCUPY’ JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO DEFEND COP-KILLER by EDUCATION ACTION GROUP 1 day ago WASHINGTON, D.C. – The memo has gone out, the date has been saved. This coming Tuesday, radicals of all stripes will descend upon the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. to rally in support of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Organizers are hoping to […]

This woman would fit right in with the cartoon county attorney’s office!

DERSHOWITZ BLASTS ZIMMERMAN PROSECUTION: ‘NOT ONLY IMMORAL, BUT STUPID’  by BREITBART NEWS 20 hours ago With ABC News’ release of the George Zimmerman photo showing blood flowing freely from his head, the question becomes whether Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the case, had access to the photo before charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder.   The arrest affidavit […]

I’d love to see this dash cam video. Too early for plea agreements, they will come I’m sure.

Man, woman charged with driving same car drunk on I-35 The trooper said he watched as the Ohio man and Minnesota woman switched positions as he tried to pull them over on Interstate 35 near Mahtowa, about 30 miles south of Duluth.By: Mike Creger, Duluth News Tribune  An Ohio man was sentenced Thursday to probation and […]