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How would you survive without Government?

I’m getting so tired of reading and hearing the stories of disaster if and when our Government has to close for business, whether its local, state, or the Feds.  Just look at today’s news tribune, two of their lead stories are what funky band is coming to Duluth and zombies walking the lake walk.  I […]

At least one other Cartoon County resident gets it.

Everyone I’ve spoke to last week about the dog and pony show of a plea hearing regarding the Superior cop is outraged.  Why is there so little outcry?  This is the only editorial published in the Pine Journal I’ve seen on it, then again, Tony has balls and isn’t afraid to speak out and speak […]

Yet another moron. And yes, he’s a lawyer.

Do you all think your life or safety will end if the MN Government shuts down?  This idiot does. Lillehaug is a Dayton boy toy, he proved it today. Dayton: Gearin’s ruling is the ‘middle ground’ by Briana Bierschbach Published: June 29,2011 Time posted: 2:11 pm Tags: David Lillehaug, Kathleen Gearin, Lori Swanson, Mark Dayton David Lillehaug  Gov. Mark Dayton says Ramsey […]

A County attorney that admits wrongdoing and apologizes? Impossible.

Now, of course, shame on him.  On the other hand, at least he’s got the dignity to apologize.  Its too bad it cost the taxpayers 20 K plus, but I’m pretty sure its pennies compared to the cost of other incompetents in county Government.  Get the hint here Mr. Cartoon County Attorney? Superior attorney settles […]

Once again, your government hard at work for you.

Here’s another case that gets very little news coverage, you all ought to be outraged.  Now the guy largely responsible for uncovering yet another Eric Holder’s incompetence, is getting fired.  He’s getting canned for outing the irresponsible and illegal program commonly referred to as “Project Gunrunner”.  Nice, a government employee doing the right thing for […]

So, a guy has to wonder. What was ever done?

This was taken up awhile ago, it didn’t bring much attention, so here we go again.  Strangely, the first name on the email is none other than the accused Traci Juntunen.  The gal that our so called victims advocate served on the board with in Atkinson Township.  Keep in mind, he approved her phony claims. […]

Superior police sergeant demoted. Walked on the criminal charges, but not at his job.

Sadly, the consequences are worse for him at work than in the courtroom.  One would think it should be the other way around, but then again, it is Cartoon County. Published June 24, 2011, 12:00 AM  Superior police sergeant demoted A Superior police sergeant was stripped of his rank following an internal investigation of an […]

Lets start a betting board on plea agreements! Might as well have some fun, right?

Yeah, right.  Pertler would have me cuffed and stuffed for illegal gambling so fast my head would spin and I guarantee you, there would be no plea agreements or victims advocate to help me.  It would be fun predicting what Pertler’s next agreements would be though.  Just for fun, read the article below and guess […]

Minnesota Statutes regarding Domestic Assault.

Okay boys and girls, if you’re truly interested in justice and the incompetent boobs in our Courthouse, spend some time at the Minnesota Revisor of Statutes website and read through 518B.01, The Domestic Abuse Act that originated in 1979 (YES, its been around awhile), 609.2242, Domestic Assault, and 629.341, Allowing Probable Cause Arrests for Domestic […]

Yet another doozy plea agreement.

I’m really starting to feel like I live in a parallel universe folks.  The Minnesota Legislature changed the Domestic Assault laws decades ago to protect women from their abusers.  It was done specifically so the assaulted woman didn’t have to participate in the trial or complaint process because everyone in the Criminal Justice System knew […]