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Another case of prosecutorial misconduct. Why does this happen? Are they all incompetent?

Okay boys and girls, here’s another example of prosecutorial misconduct, ignorance, incompetence, and arrogance.  It happened in Michigan, but the same attitude leers everyplace.  The second to last paragraph says it all when the prosecutor is quoted saying “The second amendment right is not an absolute right”.  What?  I had to read that a number […]

Here’s another dandy, first you’ll find the news article, next you’ll find his criminal history, then you’ll find his published sentence. Nice.

Two charged in assault on Cloquet college student Lisa Baumann, Pine Journal Published: May 25, 2010 1:56:14 PM CDT Two Cloquet men are facing charges after an alleged gang-related assault with a handgun recently in the parking lot of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. Samuel Kyle White, 21, is charged with possession of […]

I guess the plea bargaining trend and ignoring victim’s rights isn’t that unusual.

We’ve done a ton of research on plea bargains, victims rights, and prosecutorial misconduct and sadly, it doesn’t appear to be an uncommon instance in any state or country for that matter.  One could argue that until or unless a persons life is directly affected by a criminal act, little attention is paid to how […]

A chart from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Look at the statistical chart below and compare it with the felony conviction incarceration rates you see in Cartoon County.  Keep in mind, these are average rates.  If you consider large jurisdictions with full jails, the statistical chart below hints that convicted felons still end up in the pokey so why does there seem to […]

Do our local elected officials read statute?

Granted, its not like reading a romance novel or a good western, but one must wonder if Minnesota Statute means anything to those prosecuting?  We’ve got so many blatant examples of violations of law by our elected officials it makes me want to puke.  Again, it isn’t the LE officers, nor the Judges, but who […]

PIGS**** Pride, Integrity, Guts. Think about it.

I’m sure many of you don’t get it, but there are some of us that live by this motto.  If you have no pride, you do what you will.  If you have no integrity, you don’t care what you say, whom you say it to, nor what its content is.  If you have no guts, […]

Not a bad gig if you can get it. Gotta love the last sentence, “It’s almost like we laid the groundwork”.

One really has to ask what the hell we pay these people for.  Really.  Should we all go steal stuff, wait till we’re caught, then agree to repay the rightful owner for the crap we stole and do probation?  Do these idiots have a clue how many felonies the average felon commits before he or […]

Another sad day in Cartoon County.

We at Cartoon County wish to pass on our thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and associates of the two murdered in Cromwell on Saturday.  We know our words and thoughts mean little now, but they are there.  Its a sad, sad day when a tragedy such as this occurs and about all we […]

Does “comperable worth” still apply?

If any of you are old enough to remember, this was the big deal in the early 1990’s.  It was a way for administrators to hike their pay and importance to pad their bank accounts.  After reading last weeks published accounting of salaries, I have to believe its alive and well in Cartoon County.  I’ve […]

I’ve added a new hyperlink to MN statutes.

After so many requests for resources to my information, I decided to post a hyperlink to MN Statutes in the header of these pages.  I did this so you don’t need to search through these pages to find the specific statutes you’ve read about, now you’ve got a link to do your own research or […]