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Happy New Year to all.

We would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year and a safe New Year’s Eve.  We’d like to encourage everyone to be safe tonight, it would be absolutely wonderful not to read any stories of DWI’s or alcohol related accidents or incidents in the upcoming news.  Again, we wish to thank […]

Could it be true? If it is, one must ask why.

I’ve spoken to three individuals that have been arrested for DWUI and when the plea negotiations started, they were asked to provide a current earnings statement.  Why would this be?  Now, we are not advocating driving while you’re trashed, but if you’re unfortunate enough to get caught, what the heck does your income have to […]

Have any of you considered the impact on the victims of the plea agreements?

The two that I’ve outlined here are are sad, really sad.  If you think about it, there are only two here out of 800 plea agreements so far this year, how many really are there?  I’m not terribly comfortable with cold calling crime victims but am tempted to.  If our sitting county attorney cannot at […]

A very merry Christmas to all.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your outstanding support this year and wish you all, your families and friends, supporters or not, a very, merry Christmas.  Happy Birthday everyone.

The public sector should be governed like the private sector, with few exceptions.

Okay folks, I’ve gotten criticized today about yesterday’s post, but apparently it came from those that don’t understand how things work. Government is paid for by taxpayers, presumably for their benefit.  Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is not.  Compare for a moment public jobs with jobs in the private sector.  If you work for […]

Do any of you wonder about where your tax dollars go?

We’ve got a county attorney that defers a pile of work to the Cloquet City attorney while paying four or five assistant county attorneys, all the while, none of these fine lawyers can obey state statute as applicable to victims rights.  We’ve got a  a victims advocate paid from a State grant that cannot identify […]

I had a little bird singing a song today..

We had a reliable source reveal today that county caseworkers cannot speak to the county fraud investigator about…..fraud.  Could this possibly be?  I cannot get confirmation yet, and maybe never will, but if its true, why?  There’s a new, massive construction project currently being built for the “human services” division of our county but the […]

Freedom isn’t free, and it shouldn’t be.

I’m getting real tired of you morons that haven’t had an independent thought since you signed on to whatever program it is you think you’re entitled to sending your nasty grams.  I find it sad that you cannot articulate your thoughts without using profanity, vulgarity, and insulting fiction.  Although if I’m in the right mood, […]

There might just be a change in the wind.

I know many of you are happy just paying your taxes, singing your songs, thinking your life is unaffected by the misdeeds of those in the courthouse..  There is a change coming, we’ll see if and when it happens, it may or may not be followed through with,  but the complaint will  be in the […]

The truth will set you free.

A lot of folks want to attribute this phrase to the great Martin Luther King junior, but it appears in the Bible.  Depending on which version of the Bible you read or don’t read, You’ll find it under John 8:31 and 32.  Depends how you want to read it as Jesus was talking to Jews […]