Great. More free shit that taxpayers pay for. Stay off your back or use your taxpayer funded obamacare. Maybe a legislator should pass a bill called “mama box” that forbids taxpayer funding for daycare, abortions, birth control, or welfare.

Minnesota bill would give low-income moms ‘baby box’
By Don Davis, Forum News Service Today at 3:53 p.m.

ST. PAUL — Getting a low-income family’s infant off to the right start can make a big difference in that baby’s life, a Minnesota House committee heard Tuesday as it considered funding a program to give items ranging from diapers to spoons.

The box the items come in even can be used, as a bed for the newborn.

The $500,000 state program would help a variety of babies, but especially minorities, bill sponsor Rep. Dave Pinto, D-St. Paul, said.

Pinto’s bill also would establish a study to see why minority babies die in much higher numbers than whites. Three times as many black mothers and eight times more American Indians get inadequate prenatal care than white mothers, Pinto said.

Pinto said that 11 American Indian babies out of every 1,000 die, while nine black babies die. The Minnesota statewide average is four.

“Prenatal care is pretty low cost,” Rep Tina Liebling, D-Rochester, said. “You get a lot of bang for the buck.”

The committee appeared to support Pinto, but took no vote Tuesday. The legislation will be considered when the House Health and Human Services Committee considers its 2016 spending proposals.

“We really do need to know why babies of color are dying at higher rates than others,” Rep. Diane Loeffler, D-Minneapolis, said of the reason she supports the study portion of the Pinto bill.

With information from the study, Patina Park of Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center said, “instead of being reactive to problems, we can be strategic in our resource distribution.” Saving just a few babies would be valuable, she added.

The baby box part of the measure was new to many committee members, although the concept long has been common in Finland.

Danielle Selassie, executive director of Twin Cities-based Babies Need Boxes, said more than 20 programs provide baby boxes across the country. Her nonprofit organization has provided 150 boxes in its short existence and expects to give out 350 more this year to poor mothers from Mankato to Duluth.

Funding in Pinto’s bill would provide 2,500 boxes a year.

A typical baby box includes a waterproof mattress and sheet, information on safe sleep, 60 diapers, wipes, loans, soap, ointments, plates, forks, spoons, toys, books and burp cloths.

Testifiers told the committee that many low-income mothers could not afford those items when a baby arrives.

Again, don’t tell me there aren’t a couple of classes and that “Public officials need to be held to a higher standard”. Its bullshit.

You Won’t Believe What These Cops Do When They Identify This Drunk Driver – OK, Maybe You Will!
Tim Brown — April 9, 2016

If you wonder why there are many who question the authority of police officers and their ability to do their job without bias, just take a look at this dashcam video of two Minnesota officers arresting a man for drunk driving. They are friendly to the man, handcuff him and place him in the back of the patrol car. However, when they learn his identification, they then engage in what can only be considered to be accessories to the man’s crime.

Take a look at the report from KARE11:

Police dash cam video obtained by KARE 11 after a public records request shows what can happen.

On November 7, 2015, Blaine police officers responded to an alarm call at the Lexington Avenue Fleet Farm.  They found a running car in the parking lot.  The man in the driver’s seat appeared to be passed out.  Police reports would later say there were “open containers of silver Coors Light cans in the passenger seat …”

The police video shows the Blaine officers repeatedly banging on the car roof and door.  You can hear them yelling, “Wake up!”

When they finally get the driver’s attention, the video shows he seems incapable of following basic requests.  He had to be asked nine times just to open his door.

That’s not all, once the man sat up, it became apparent that his penis was exposed as well, and so officers asked him to zip his pants up. Additionally, instead of opening the door, the man stepped on the gas and revved the engine.

Eventually, the man exits the car and complies with the officers, who put him through several sobriety tests and finally have him submit to a breathalyzer test. He blew a .202, more than two and a half times the legal limit.

The dashcam footage then shows the officers place the handcuffed man in the back of the patrol car. However, once seated in the car, the officers discover that the man they have arrested, William Monberg, 28, is actually an investigator for the Columbia Heights Police Department.

Blaine Police Officers Brad Nordby and Brandon Fettig discovered Monberg was a cop, turned off their microphones and discussed the situation. They are seen in the dashcam video removing Monberg from the backseat and later returning him there without handcuffs as they arrange a ride home for him rather than a ride to jail. This was considered a “professional courtesy” to Monberg.

However, let’s ask the question, what would have happened to you or me if we had engaged in the same behavior? That’s right, we would have went to jail, probably lost our license, paid an enormous fine and higher insurance.

The good news is that the incident didn’t go without notice. Blaine Police Chief Chris Olson began an investigation into what took place one month later. The result was that Officer Monberg was officially charged with DWI in December. Monberg entered a plea of not guilty and was to have a court date of March 2. He was also suspended from the Columbia Heights Police Department on the eve of his first court date in January.

Monberg issued a statement to KARE11:

I am profoundly ashamed, embarrassed, and disappointed in myself for the incident that occurred on November 7, 2015. I extend my most genuine apologies to my agency and community, the Blaine Police Department, and the officers who were placed in an incredibly difficult position because of my actions. I accept full responsibility for those actions but insist they do not represent an accurate reflection of my personal or professional character. I have been working diligently over the past four months to ensure that a similar situation will not occur again.

It’s interesting to note the legaleze that Monberg provides to KARE11. he claims to accept full responsibility, but has entered a plea of not guilty in court. How is that accepting “full responsibility.” It isn’t. He’s hoping to get off the hook and keep his job.

The bad news is that Chief Olson did nothing to the officers for covering up a crime.

“In this case inexperienced officers made a mistake,” he said. “It’s not acceptable. My expectation is fair and impartial policing and that didn’t happen. We need to treat people fairly and it shouldn’t matter what they do for a living.”

Fair and impartial? It’s not acceptable? Then why were the officers not removed for engaging in a crime themselves? Was it because they were “inexperienced”? Why did it take one month for the chief to investigate the incident? These are questions that need to be pressed on Chief Olson because the simple fact is that if there is no justice brought upon cops that break the law, it just makes it easier for them to do it in the future.

Though Monberg was charged, I would be very interested in seeing how that played out in court. So, far I have been unable to locate any information as to a rescheduling of his trial or a final outcome. If anyone knows these details, please feel free to drop me a note or leave the information in the comment section.

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Lets see…if the guy wasn’t smashed and behaving badly, he wouldn’t have been in the spin dry to begin with, right??

Duluth detox center cited for abuse after patient confined naked to seclusion room
Patient was visible on security cameras, investigators found

By Chris Serres Star Tribune APRIL 11, 2016 — 12:32PM

A Duluth detox center has been cited by state regulators in the case of a heavily intoxicated patient who was kept naked in a seclusion room, without a blanket or cover of any kind, for an hour-and-a-half after having sex with another patient in the center’s bathroom.

The Duluth Detoxification Center has been cited for abuse and neglect for the incident, and another case of physical abuse, which occurred at the facility since last June, according to a state investigative report released Monday.

Last June, staff members at the Duluth center placed two patients in separate seclusion rooms after they were discovered having sex in the center’s bathroom. Staff members then removed clothing from one of the patients after the person attempted to wrap clothing around the neck. The naked patient was visible to anyone who passed by the camera monitors at the staff desk, state investigators found.

Another staff member “gasped” after seeing the patient on the camera monitor “naked and passed out,” and then asked if the patient should be covered up. The staff person was told that the patient’s clothing was removed to prevent self harm.

“Having ones clothing removed, and being on camera in front of staff persons and others for any period of time would be considered by a reasonable person to be derogatory or humiliating and could be reasonably expected to produce emotional distress,” the Minnesota Department of Human Services wrote in its report.

State officials also cited the center for neglect in a January incident involving a patient who refused give up a personal cellphone. The patient sustained scratches on the hands and arms after two staff members forcibly restrained the patient, while another removed the phone. State officials determined that the use of physical force was unnecessary, given that the patient was not in danger of harming anyone.

The identities of the patients and staff members involved in the abuse were not identified in the report.

The Duluth detox center was ordered to pay fines totaling $3,000 for the incidents of maltreatment.

The center did not immediately return telephone calls Monday.

Blatant disrespect, abuse of perceived authority, and malfeasance.

At 1130 this morning, this Hibbing ambulance followed me up Central Entrance, onto Haines Road, into the Gander Mountain parking lot and parked in a FIRE lane right next to a “No Parking” sign. The driver walked in to go shopping and while his passenger stayed in the ambulance.  Its bad enough these “public employees” went shopping on duty, but to park your rig in a no parking zone?  That, my friends, is arrogance at a new level.  Nice gig if you can get it, I guess.  Click on the picture for a larger version to see the “No Parking” sign.

Image 4-10-16 at 2.40 PM

Let the screw tightening begin.

Scanlon woman charged with making bomb threats
By Tom Olsen Today at 5:28 p.m.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the motives of a Scanlon woman who allegedly made a number of bomb threats against law enforcement agencies and businesses in the Northland and beyond.

Amber Rose Schadewald, 18, was formally charged Friday in State District Court in Carlton with a felony count of making threats of violence.

Derek Randall, commander of the investigations division of the Cloquet Police Department, said it’s possible that her mental state played a role in the case.

“Based on our interview with the suspect, it appears as though she was getting some kind of gratification from making these threats, and it just got out of control,” Randall told the News Tribune.

The Cloquet Police Department on Monday received a message through Nixle, an online notification system that some law enforcement agencies utilize to issue public safety alerts and receive anonymous crime tips. The message stated that a bomb targeting the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office would be detonated on Thursday at 10:30 a.m., according to a criminal complaint.

Police subpoenaed records from an Internet service provider, tracking the message to a residence in Scanlon. Schadewald emerged as a suspect based on prior interactions with police as a juvenile, according to the complaint.

Randall was at the Carlton County Courthouse for an unrelated matter on Wednesday when he observed Schadewald sitting on a bench outside a courtroom. The woman agreed to give a statement, admitting that she had made the threat against the sheriff’s office, authorities said.

The complaint states that she also admitted to making similar threats against the Superior Police Department, Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies and businesses as far away as Minneapolis and Kansas City.

Schadewald was taken into custody after speaking with police and made an initial appearance in court on Friday. Police said there was no evidence that she ever possessed any explosive devices.

Randall said it appears Schadewald was placing her threats through various anonymous tipping methods such as Nixle and Crime Stoppers hotlines. He said investigators were still waiting for forensic processing of her digital devices.

Randall said the case amounted to abuse of anonymous tip lines. He stressed that citizens can submit information without fear of being identified, but said police have methods they can use to track down those committing crimes through sites such as Nixle.

“We want people to utilize these sites to submit information — and they can remain anonymous,” he said. “But if you’re going to commit threats of violence, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to be able to find out your identity.”

Schadewald was released from the Carlton County Jail on Friday after posting bail, according to online records. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a $3,000 fine.

The charge pertains only to the alleged Carlton County threat. Randall said other agencies have been notified and additional charges could be pending.

Remember, your payola is due in a week. Your dear leader has a lot more traveling to do and a lot more golf to play.


Meanwhile, prayer in school is banned, Ten Commandment monuments are removed from public property, and the pledge of alliegance before class is halted. What a joke. For those of you that don’t know, UMD stands for University of Minnesota – Duluth.

t4.7.16 Bob King -- kingHIJAB0408c1 -- Azrin Awal helps Sarina Men put on a hijab Thursday during Hijab Day at UMD. Anyone who wanted could stop by to try on a hijab or Muslim prayer cap as part of Islamic Awareness Week. Bob King /

t4.7.16 Bob King — kingHIJAB0408c1 — Azrin Awal helps Sarina Men put on a hijab Thursday during Hijab Day at UMD. Anyone who wanted could stop by to try on a hijab or Muslim prayer cap as part of Islamic Awareness Week. Bob King /

Photo of the Day for April 7, 2016
By Bob King on Apr 7, 2016 at 3:56 p.m.

Azrin Awal helps Sarina Men put on a hijab Thursday during Hijab Day at UMD. Anyone who wanted could stop by to try on a hijab or Muslim prayer cap as part of Islamic Awareness Week. Bob King / Click to see the full image.

Biting the hand that fed them. Talk about a kick in the crotch…suppose the union bosses support this?


Bailout Outrage: Chinese-Built Cadillacs to Be Sold in United States

by DUSTIN STOCKTON6 Apr 201653
General Motors is hiring Chinese workers to build Cadillac autos that will be sold to the American taxpayers who bailed the company out in 2008.

The plug-in hybrid version of the CT6, which is already manufactured in China, will be available in American showrooms this summer, according to Bloomberg News.

There is growing criticism about General Motors’ decision to hire Chinese workers for manufacturing jobs after accepting a huge bailout from American taxpayers. “America invested in GM and GM turned around and stabbed America in the back,” Rick Manning, the president of Americans for Limited Government, told Breitbart News.

Breitbart has already reported on GM’s plan to sell the made-in-China Buick Envision in the United States.

Business mogul Donald Trump has made U.S. trade policies with countries like China a central theme of his populist campaign.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Curtis Ellis of American Jobs Alliance explains why:

Cadillac’s marketing people admit they cannot import Cadillacs into China without paying a stiff tariff. The Chinese government does this to encourage companies like GM to manufacture in China and hire Chinese. If our government put the interests of American workers and businesses first the same way China does, our people would not be jobless, our cities like Detroit would not be in ruins, and we would not be running trade deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The mean streets of Minnecrapolis.

Female driver shot four times after vehicle cuts her off
By Karen Zamora Star Tribune APRIL 7, 2016 — 7:44AM

VideoVideo (00:42) : Minneapolis police are seeking suspects, after a woman was shot during an apparent road rage incident.

A 39-year-old woman who honked at a vehicle that cut her off was shot four times in rush hour trafficalong a busy Minneapolis thoroughfare Tuesday, while police continue to search for suspects.

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said the woman was driving south on Hennepin Avenue near Groveland Avenue at 5 p.m. when a vehicle described as a lighter tan or beige four-door Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows cut her off.

The woman honked her horn at the car, the vehicle then slowed down next to her driver side, and a passenger shot at her multiple times with a black handgun, Elder said.

The victim, who was shot three times in the arm and once in the stomach, she drove to 19th Street and Hennepin Avenue and called 911.

Drivers along the normally-busy stretch are experiencing even more congestion during road construction, which includes lane closures.

In a statement from the city of Minneapolis, drivers are urged to report road rage incidents, and to not escalate by driving aggressively or engaging with drivers who do.

“Trust your instincts: if something feels off, there is a reason for it,” the statement said.

The Jeep was driving southbound at the time of the shooting. It was occupied by two men in their 20s. The passenger used a black handgun to shoot at the victim and was described as having shoulder-length black dreadlocks, police said. Anyone with information is asked to call the Minneapolis police tips line at (612) 692-8477.

Tighten the loose screws.

Cloquet woman arrested after alleged bomb threats
By News Tribune Today at 6:50 p.m.

An 18-year-old Cloquet woman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly making bomb threats through social media against a number of public agencies.

The Cloquet Police Department reported that the woman was taken into custody at the Carlton County Courthouse on Wednesday, two days after the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office received a threat.

Police said the woman admitted to making the threat, along with others targeting the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Superior Police Department and an undisclosed establishment in Minneapolis.

Police said no explosives were found during the investigation. The suspect was booked into the Carlton County Jail on a preliminary felony charge of threats of violence.