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Insurance Sending Cpl. Nick Tullier Home, Except He’s Now Homeless

Doctors are finally ready to send Corporal Nick Tullier home, 16 months after he was shot three times in the line of duty, but he doesn’t have a home to go to anymore.

Galveston, TX – Corporal Nick Tullier, of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, may never walk again, or talk again, or live a normal life, after he was shot three times in the line of duty by cop killer Gavin Long.

But amazingly, after 16 months of fighting an uphill battle for his life every single day, doctors feel that the wounded hero can finally go home.

There’s only one problem: Cpl. Tullier is homeless.

Cpl. Tullier was shot three times on July 17, 2016, rushing into an ambush that had already killed three police officers in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The pre-meditated attack occurred 10 days after five police officers were murdered in Dallas.

Three weeks after Cpl. Tullier was shot, a historic flood swept through Louisiana, destroying 49,000, or 86.6 percent, of the homes in Livingston Parish, where Nick and his family lived, according to statistics posted by WAFB.

“We were oblivious,” Nick’s father James Tullier explained, in an interview with Blue Lives Matter.

James Tullier and the rest of Nick’s family were in their own world, keeping vigil at their Nick’s bedside in the intensive care unit. When they finally came up for air, their world had collapsed yet again.

I’m not sure if who is the bigger disgrace…Bergdahl, Obama, or the judge that let him walk.

Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial

President Trump tweeted Friday the sentence handed down to Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — a dishonorable discharge, but no prison time for leaving his post in June 2009 — was a “complete and total disgrace.”

More than eight years after Bergdahl walked off his base in Afghanistan — and unwittingly into the clutches of the Taliban — Bergdahl walked out of a North Carolina courtroom a free man Friday. Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty to endangering his comrades, was fined, reduced in rank to E1 and dishonorably discharged — but he received no prison time.

Trump, aboard Air Force One en route to meetings in Asia, tweeted his disapproval of the sentence.

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) watches as Jami Bergdahl (L) and Bob Bergdahl talk about the release of their son, prisoner of war U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, during a statement in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington May 31, 2014. Obama, flanked by the parents of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who is being released after being held for nearly five years by the Taliban, said in the White House Rose Garden on Saturday that the United States has an "ironclad commitment" to bring home its prisoners of war. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY) - GM1EA610J6201

Bowe Bergdahl’s parents stand in the Rose Garden with President Obama when Bergdahl’s release was announced.  (AP)

As part of the sentence, Bergdahl will forfeit his pay of $1000 per month for ten months.

Bergdahl was shaking and appeared emotional as the verdict was quickly read.

Prosecutors had requested a 14-year prison term following a week of emotional testimony from the survivors who were wounded during missions to find Bergdahl after he left the base in June 2009. Bergdahl’s defense team has asked for no prison time.

Bergdahl faced up to life in prison for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Wearing a blue dress uniform, Bergdahl appeared tense during the short morning session. He clenched his jaw as if grinding his teeth, then grimaced and looked at the floor when he walked out of the courtroom.

Dec. 8, 2010: This file image provided by IntelCenter shows a framegrab from a video released by the Taliban containing footage of a man believed to be Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, left.

Bowe Bergdahl, left, was held by militants for five years.  (AP)

In closing arguments, defense attorneys argued that Bergdahl already had suffered enough confinement during five years of brutal captivity by Taliban allies. They asked the judge for a dishonorable discharge and no prison time. Their argument for leniency also cited harsh campaign-trail criticism by Donald Trump and Bergdahl’s mental disorders.

Capt. Nina Banks, a defense attorney, said it wouldn’t be justice to rescue Bergdahl from the Taliban “only to place him in a cell” now.

“Sgt. Bergdahl has been punished enough,” Banks added. “Sgt. Bergdahl paid a bitter price for the choices that he made.”

During the multiday sentencing hearing, Bergdahl himself testified that he was sorry for the wounds suffered by searchers. He also described brutal beatings by his captors, illness brought on by squalid conditions and maddening periods of isolation, most of it in a cramped cage.

Mark Allen. Facebook

Master Sergeant Mark Allen suffered a head injury in July 2009 while looking for Bergdahl. The injury left him unable to speak or walk.

A psychiatrist testified that Bergdahl’s decision to leave his post was influenced by a schizophrenia-like condition called schizotypal personality disorder that made it hard to understand consequences of his actions, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder brought on partly by a difficult childhood.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 14 years in prison, citing serious wounds to service members who looked for Bergdahl.

“Sgt. Bergdahl does not have a monopoly on suffering as a result of his choices,” said Maj. Justin Oshana, a prosecutor. Contrasting Bergdahl to the wounded searchers, he added, “The difference is, all the suffering stems from his choice.”

Oshana also cited Bergdahl’s own words to argue against the idea that his thinking was clouded. On a courtroom monitor he displayed quotes from an initial investigation after Bergdahl returned to the U.S. Bergdahl, who has said he walked off to draw attention to problems with his unit, described to an investigating officer how he envisioned the missing-soldier alert unfolding.

Bergdahl had said that the call goes “all the way up to Army command, it goes to Air Force, it goes to Marines. … It goes to every high point and everybody finds out about it.”

Bergdahl pleaded guilty Oct. 16. The judge has wide discretion on sentencing because he didn’t strike a deal with prosecutors to limit his punishment. A bad conduct or dishonorable discharge would deprive Bergdahl of most or all his veterans’ benefits.

The 31-year-old soldier from Hailey, Idaho, was brought home by President Barack Obama in 2014 in a swap for five Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Obama said at the time that the U.S. does not leave its service members on the battlefield.

Republicans roundly criticized Obama, and Trump went further while campaigning for president, repeatedly calling Bergdahl a traitor who deserved death.

Fox News’ Terace Garnier and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

More of whats to come… it will only get worse.

Minnesota: Left-Fascists Who Violently Assaulted Anti-Sharia Marchers Get Light Sentences

“The brawling began, records indicate, when a counterdemonstrator identified as Drew Albert Cleland, 31, of Big Lake, took a flying leap and delivered a kick to an anti-Sharia protester’s chest….Cleland initially pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of fifth-degree assault, obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct. On Oct. 10, he pleaded guilty to one charge—obstructing the legal process. The others were dismissed. He was sentenced to 30 days in the Ramsey County jail, with 28 days stayed for a year. He was assessed $136 in court fees.”

If an anti-Sharia demonstrator had randomly kicked Drew Albert Cleland, do you think he would have gotten 30 days in jail with 28 stayed, and $136 in court fees?

I don’t either.

In fact, if an anti-Sharia demonstrator had kicked one of the Left-fascists, it would have made national news and he would be facing years in prison, to serve as a warning to other “right-wing extremists.”

Note that this report characterizes ACT, not those who attacked the ACT marchers, as “extremist.”

When these Left-fascist thugs get the Sharia society they want, they might discover that they don’t like it very much.

But by then it will be far too late.

“Four of six sentenced after anti-Sharia protest brawling,” by Kevin Featherly, Minnesota Lawyer, October 25, 2017 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

Sentences were handed down this month against four of six protesters who fought with police and other demonstrators during a June 10 clash at the Capitol. Two others await pretrial hearings scheduled in the coming weeks.

The fighting stemmed from the “March Against Sharia,” one of more than two dozen similar U.S. protests against Islamic law held that day. It was organized by ACT for America, a group founded in 2007 that reputedly is among the nation’s largest anti-Muslim groups. It is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as extremist.

Its demonstration began inside the Capitol, drawing only about 20 to 30 participants, according to court documents. Outside the Capitol at the same time, a larger counterdemonstration was under way with an estimated 150 to 200 participants, according to police.

Court records indicate that anti-Sharia protesters exited the Capitol through its west-side doors against the advice of state troopers on the scene. They began a march along Martin Luther King Blvd., moving south from Aurora Ave. That attracted the attention of the larger protest group, officials indicated.

Near the main entrance of the Capitol, state troopers tried to separate the groups, according to court records. But some members of the larger, counterprotest rally ran around the cordon and began clashing with anti-Sharia demonstrators.

The brawling began, records indicate, when a counterdemonstrator identified as Drew Albert Cleland, 31, of Big Lake, took a flying leap and delivered a kick to an anti-Sharia protester’s chest. Cleland ran away, according to his criminal complaint, but returned within five minutes. Despite resisting, he was eventually arrested.

Cleland initially pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of fifth degree assault, obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct. On Oct. 10, he pleaded guilty to one charge—obstructing the legal process. The others were dismissed. He was sentenced to 30 days in the Ramsey County jail, with 28 days stayed for a year. He was assessed $136 in court fees.

Others charged in the melee included:

  • Maxwell Hunter Lindusky, 18, of St. Louis Park. He was charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly jabbed a 4- to 5-foot pole into the stomach and chest of a state trooper outside the Capitol. The complaint does not indicate which protest group he was part of. He pleaded guilty on Oct. 10 and was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail, with 28 days stayed for a year. He was assessed $136 in fees.
  • Ian Matthew MacDonnell, 28, of Minneapolis. He was charged with disorderly conduct after video showed him squaring up to fight another protester. He charged at least one protester and threw a punch at another, but it was not clear from court records which group he was part of. He pleaded guilty on Oct. 6 and was sentenced to 30 days in county jail, with 27 days stayed for one year. He was assessed $136 in fees.
  • Caleb Emerson Murphey, 36, of Minneapolis. He faced misdemeanor counts of fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct and was identified as a counterprotester. Murphey was seen bumping chests with an anti-Sharia rally-goer and refusing to let the other person pass. “It appeared he was trying to start a fight,” his criminal complaint says. He pleaded guilty to the second count on Nov. 10 and the assault charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to 30 days in county jail—28 days stayed for a year—and assessed $136 in fees.
  • Nicholas Michael Sullivan Kelley, 18, of Nerstrand. He was charged with obstructing the legal process after allegedly attempting to pull a detained protester from troopers’ grasp. He has entered a not guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge and has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Nov. 2 before Ramsey County District Court Judge Timothy T. Mulrooney.
  • John Allen Meyer, 19, of St. Cloud. He faces a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the legal process after allegedly interfering with another protester’s arrest. He has pleaded not guilty. His pretrial hearing is scheduled for Oct. 30 before Ramsey County District Court Judge Sara Grewing.

Initial media reports indicated that a seventh person, Robert Daniel Horacek, 38, of Zimmerman, also was arrested. However, neither court records nor the city attorney’s office indicate that a person by that name was charged.

Imagine. A little corruption to cover up a crime. Wait…I remember a county attorney that was in an accident and it was covered up too…right in Cloquet.

Trooper Arrests Judge’s Daughter Then Command Staff Alters Report To Remove Evidence



After a judge’s daughter was arrested for crashing her vehicle while impaired and in possession of heroin, senior command staff altered the report.

Worcester, MA – After a trooper arrested a judge’s daughter for crashing her car while allegedly high on drugs, and in possession of heroin, it was discovered that evidence, in the form of a quote, was removed from the police report by senior command staff.

Turtleboy Sports broke the story, which details some of the allegations about the behavior of the command staff.

The arrest occurred on October 16 at around 7:40 pm, after Trooper Ryan Sceviour arrived at a collision scene.

The Trooper determined that he had probable cause to arrest Alli Bibaud for driving under the influence of drugs, and being in possession of heroin.

When she was arrested, Bibaud said, “Do you know how many people I had to blow to get that?” according to Turtleboy.

Drug Recognition Expert Trooper Ally Rei conducted an evaluation, according to Turtleboy, and submitted a report with the quote about how Bibaud acquired her drugs.

The reason that the quote was included is obvious to anybody with any law enforcement training: it’s evidence.

Vulgar statements are evidence of impairment, and her statement also acknowledges ownership of the heroin, and heads off the infamous “these aren’t my pants” excuse.

Turtleboy cites anonymous sources in making allegations involving Bibaud’s father, Judge Tim Bibaud, as well as District Attorney Joe Early, saying that they were involved in the quote being removed from the report.

Blue Lives Matter has only been able to confirm that the quote was removed by senior command staff, according to Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dave Procopio.

“It is not uncommon for report narratives to be revised. Usually it is handled at the level of a trooper’s immediate supervisor, i.e. usually a sergeant or a lieutenant. The trooper’s supervisor did not do so with this one so when it came to the attention of the colonel and senior command staff they did so themselves,” Procopio said in a statement.

Procopio’s statement continued, “In the report in question, the revision consisted only of removal of a sensationalistic and inflammatory directly-quoted statement by the defendant, which made no contribution to proving the elements of the crimes with which she was charged. Inclusion of an unnecessary sensationalistic statement does not meet the report-writing standards required by the department.”

This statement claims that the quote should never have been included, because it didn’t contribute to proving elements of the crimes. However, the quote not only contributes to proving impairment, but it wards off a possible defense.

When Blue Lives Matter asked Procopio to explain why a quote, which is, in fact, evidence, was removed from the report, he said that the quote was not necessary because enough evidence existed without it.

Indeed, the quote will likely have no impact on the prosecution. But excluding evidence is not how police reports are written.

It’s also exceptionally abnormal for senior command staff to alter a report.

While the alteration should have little impact on the prosecution, that leaves us to ask why senior command staff would take the extraordinary step to remove a criminal suspect’s embarrassing statement from a report.

Both Turtleboy and FOX 25 reported that two troopers were actually disciplined for including the quote in their report.

Procopio said that the troopers didn’t actually face any discipline, they just had a note added in their files noting that the quote was changed.

While that sounds suspiciously like a form of discipline, the union refused to respond to our request to confirm if the troopers actually faced any discipline.

Alli Bibaud is being charged with operating under the influence of drugs, operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and two other motor vehicle offenses, according to Procopio.

Do you think that the alteration of the report was an ethical issue? Do you think that the agency’s leadership is complicit, if not involved directly? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know your thought in the comments.

Where’s flat bottle Tom ?

He’s sure not been in the news, I know how much he likes seeing his name in print and have to wonder.



How would you like to be targeted for persecution from a political machine?

Rep. Vern Buchanan, a Florida Republican and chairman of the oversight subcommittee responsible for the IRS, on Monday called for the Trump Justice Department to revisit prosecuting Lerner, who was at the center of the scandal.

“Lerner betrayed the nation’s trust yet managed to avoid prosecution,”

Another phony posing as an honorable man.

Charges filed against alleged swindler exposed by KARE 11

Charges filed against alleged swindler exposed by KARE 11


DALLAS – An alleged con man who poses as a war hero and is accused of ripping off women all across the country has been indicted on federal criminal charges.

Derek Alldred could be facing years in federal prison thanks in part to the efforts of Minnesota women who say they were among his victims.  Both Joann and Linda tell KARE 11 Investigates they feel vindicated by the federal charges. They ask that their last names not be used to protect their privacy.

“Validated, vindicated,” said Linda of Woodbury.  “It makes you feel like it’s not all in your head.”  “Not crazy,” added Joann.

KARE 11 first exposed Alldred a year ago, tracking down victims across the country.

LINK: Women claim man who romanced them was impostor

Joann and Linda are two of nearly 20 women who say they were scammed by Alldred after meeting him on online dating sites.

The women say Alldred gave them fake names and fake jobs, but what he took from them was very real.
“It’s way bigger than he opened a credit card in my name and charged a bunch of money,” Joann said.  “It’s about my trust.  It’s about my security.”

When Joann met Alldred in 2014, he was posing as a lawyer named Derek Alldred, complete with business cards and a secretary.   According to a police report he opened up a credit card in Joann’s name and racked up $17,000 worth of charges, including a trip to Hawaii.

Linda lived with Alldred for months in 2016.  By then, he was posing as a Navy Seal captain named Rich Peterson.  He had the military uniforms and a Purple Heart that seemed to prove it. By the time Linda found out who he really was, she says he had cleaned out her life savings.

“I was in a pretty dark place when I found out who he was.  When I found out everything was just a lie,” she said.
But there were no criminal charges filed at the time in Minnesota.  So Alldred went on to Arizona, where he was convicted of stealing from another women he met online.  Again, he was posing as a Navy Seal.   But Alldred was released on bail and skipped town before his sentencing.

LINKSwindler exposed by KARE 11 is on the run

KARE 11 continued to hear from alleged victims in California and Nevada. Finally, this summer Alldred was caught and arrested in Texas.

“The women in that small town in Texas, the police took them seriously,” Linda said.

Local police called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) to report a Stolen Valor case. Navy investigators interviewed the women KARE 11 had identified all across the country.

Alldred is awaiting trial in federal court after being indicted on 10 charges including Identity theft, mail fraud, and felon in possession of a firearm.

In the bail documents, investigators credited a “support group” of victims who “track and alert” people to Alldred’s scams.

Joann and Linda are part of that group.  “I think it’s when women band together and there’s power in numbers,” said Joann.

Both women are relieved Alldred is behind bars.

“I felt a sense of justice.  I felt a sense of satisfaction even though it wasn’t for us women here in Minnesota,” Joann said.

Still, they are disappointed he is only charged in the crimes against Texas women.

“I still want more. I want Minnesota to do something about it,” Linda said.

© 2017 KARE-TV

Sad that our veterans are treated so poorly. More than one head ought to roll….

Family of Marine who died at Wisconsin VA hospital reaches $2.3M settlement

The government has reached a $2.3 million settlement with survivors of a Marine veteran who died of a drug overdose at the troubled Wisconsin Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Court papers filed Friday say about $1.65 million would go upfront to the widow and daughter of Jason Simcakoski, of Stevens Point, Wis., who was 35 when he died in 2014 at the Tomah VA facility. Another $659,000 would go into annuities for Simcakoski’s widow, Heather, and their daughter, Anaya. The rest would go to attorney fees and expenses.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Saturday that a federal judge will hold a hearing Wednesday on whether to approve the settlement.

Simcakoski’s death led to the firing of the Tomah VA’s chief of staff, Dr. David Houlihan, who agreed this past January to surrender his medical license permanently. The former head of the center, Mario DeSanctis, was fired in 2015 but fought his dismissal and eventually was allowed to resign, USA Today reported earlier this month. He and his lawyer were paid $163,000, it said.

An inspector general’s report in 2015 found that Tomah VA doctors commonly overprescribed opioid painkillers, earning the facility the nickname “Candy Land.”

Simcakoski, who was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2002, had been treated from 2006 to 2014 for a variety of conditions. He was admitted to the Tomah VA’s acute psychiatric unit on Aug. 10, 2014, then transferred to a short stay unit.

On the morning of Aug. 30, 2014, he was so sedated he could barely speak, his family alleged in the lawsuit. He was found unresponsive that afternoon. He died after life-saving attempts were made, although they weren’t started for about 10 minutes after he was found.

An autopsy determined that Simcakoski died from mixed drug toxicity. The inspector general found that doctors who prescribed his medications failed to talk with him about the risks, and noted delays in the start of CPR and the lack of medication at the Tomah VA to reverse drug overdoses.

The agreement says the settlement shouldn’t be construed as an admission of fault by the government, but avoids the expenses and risks of further litigation.

A corrupt elected official giving favors in exchange for donations? Tell me it isn’t so….

New York mayor gave favors in exchange for campaign contributions, donor boasts in court

A major donor to New York City’s mayor testified Thursday that he gave money to Bill de Blasio’s campaign fund in exchange for access and favors.

Jona Rechnitz, 34, a felon who pleaded guilty in March to making contributions in exchange for favors from government officials, made the claim when he appeared as a witness in the corruption trial of former city correction-union chief Norman Seabrook.

Rechnitz is accused of bribing Seabrook to invest $20 million in union pension money in a friend’s hedge fund, the New York Post reported.

But the topic quickly moved on to de Blasio, with whom Rechnitz had a history.

“We’re going to become significant contributors, but we want access,”

Read the entire article here:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/27/new-york-mayor-gave-favors-in-exchange-for-campaign-contributions-donor-boasts-in-court.html

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Federal Bureaucrats Have Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Guns And Ammo, Whom Are They Planning To Battle?

Mac Slavo
October 24th, 2017

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During the last two years of the Obama administration (Fiscal Year 2015 –  2016), law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security spent $138 million on new guns and ammunition. But what’s strange, is that $20 million was spent on guns and ammunition for federal bureaucrats.

Four notable examples of paper pushers and bureaucrats arming up, according toForbes, are as follows:

1) The 2,300 Special Agents at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are now carrying AR-15’s, P90 tactical rifles, and other heavy weaponry. Recently, the IRS armed up with $1.2 million in new ammunition. This was in addition to the $11 million procurement of guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment procured between 2006-2014.  What could go wrong when tax collectors have guns?

2) The Small Business Administration (SBA) spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to load its gun locker with Glocks last year. The SBA wasn’t alone in the purchase of guns either. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service modified their Glocks with silencers.  And recently a vote on the bill to allow civilians the freedom to hunt with a silencer was “indefinitely postponed.”

3) The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a relatively new police force. In 1996, the VA had zero employees with arrest and firearm authority. Today, the VA has 3,700 officers, armed with millions of dollars’ worth of guns and ammunition including AR-15’s, Sig Sauer handguns, and semi-automatic pistols.

4) The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agents also carry the same sophisticated weapons platforms used by our Special Forces military warriors. The HHS gun locker is housed in a new “National Training Operations Center” – a facility at an undisclosed location within the DC beltway.

Last year, Forbes released their OpenTheBooks.com Oversight Report: The Militarization of America in an editorial published with the help of former-U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn at The Wall Street Journal. The report quantified the $1.48 billion spent by 67 non-military federal agencies on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment from 2006-2014.

Spending on guns and ammo at 58 non-military federal agencies (including 40 regulatory, administrative agencies) amounted to $158 million.  The continued growth of the federal arsenal begs the question: Just whom are the feds planning to battle? 

Federal bureaucrats are amassing arsenals of weapons and many agencies are now battle ready, but that is not a goo

In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, many Washington politicians have tried shifting the conversation to the Second Amendment, reinvigorating the call for tighter gun control. President Trump has an opportunity to propose changes concerning gun control, but not in the way his opponents are calling for.

Trump should listen to the advice former U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn memorialized at Forbes last year after the Orlando nightclub massacre: the non-military, non-law enforcement – paper pushing administrative federal agencies – are the ones who should be subject to stricter gun control laws, not the general public. –Forbes

It may be too late, however. When you give the government socialist powers, somehow, someone is going to be needed to enforce all the rules an all you have to do, is offer them a paycheck – a paycheck stolen from those who they now power over.  It isn’t a difficult concept.  It looks like the government will enforce socialism at the barrel of a gun.  Humans don’t want to be stolen from and told what to do, and the only way to make them complicit slaves is by threatening to shoot them.    It takes a lot of guns and ammo to enforce a socialist and communist society.