Try him, convict him, hang him. Better yet, stick him in a cell with Eric Holder.

By the Associated Press | April 13, 2017 | 12:55 AM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities have arrested the suspected shooter in the 2010 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent whose death exposed a bungled gun-tracking operation by the federal government.

A U.S. marshal for the District of Arizona said Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes was arrested in Mexico on Wednesday, The Arizona Republic ( reported.

Osorio-Arellanes was one of two men who remained fugitives in the December 2010 murder of 40-year-old Brian Terry, whose death exposed Fast and Furious, in which agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed criminals to buy guns with the intention of tracking the weapons.

But the agency lost most of the guns, including two that were found at scene of Terry’s death. The operation set off a political firestorm and led Terry’s family to file a lawsuit. The family said through a spokesman on Wednesday that it was not commenting on the latest arrest due to the sensitivity of the case.

The government has heavily pursued prosecution of the men involved in the killing. It had offered a $250,000 reward for Osorio-Arellane.

Four other men involved in the killing have been convicted or have pleaded guilty in federal court to murder charges.

Terry was part of a four-man team in an elite Border Patrol unit staking out the southern Arizona desert on a mission to find “rip-off” crew members who rob drug smugglers.

They encountered a five-man group of suspected marijuana bandits and identified themselves as police in trying to arrest them.

The men refused to stop, prompting an agent to fire non-lethal bean bags toward them. They responded by firing from AK-47-type assault rifles.

Terry was struck in the back and died shortly after.

A jury in Tucson in October 2015 found two men, Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza and Ivan Soto-Barraza, guilty on murder and other charges. Another man, Manual Osorio-Arellanes, pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2014.

A fourth man, Rosario Rafael Burboa-Alvarez, pleaded guilty to murder. He was not present during the shooting but is accused of assembling the rip crew.

Only Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga remains at large.

Fox News was first to report the arrest.

Your tax dollars hard at work.

EPA Employees Billed Taxpayers $15,000 for Gym Memberships in Vegas
Agency scientists spent $399 each instead of utilizing gym on UNLV campus

BY: Elizabeth Harrington
April 11, 2017 4:07 pm

Environmental Protection Agency employees billed taxpayers roughly $15,000 for gym memberships, while numerous employees are upset over looming budget cuts.

An agency library in Las Vegas, Nevada, bought 37 employees one-year memberships to the gym 24 Hour Fitness, according to a receipt obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The “super sport” memberships cost $399.99 each.

The employees work at the U.S. Environmental Science Division located at 944 East Harmon Ave. in Las Vegas. The address is home to the EPA’s National Exposure Research Laboratory and a library on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) campus, which EPA scientists, postdoctorate researchers, and contractors use for research.

The receipt for “fitness memberships for EPA employees” totaled $14,799.63 and was created in April 2016.

The 24 Hour Fitness memberships include yoga and martial arts classes. The gym boasts “good vibes” where EPA employees can “sweat it out together.”

The taxpayer funding for gym memberships comes at a time when numerous EPA employees are upset with President Trump’s proposed budget, which would reduce the EPA’s annual funding to $5.7 billion. Employees were coming to work in tears months after Trump’s presidential victory. Recently, unionized EPA employees participated in “resistance” rallies on Capitol Hill.

The EPA office opted to purchase the expensive memberships from 24 Hour Fitness instead of utilizing the gym on UNLV’s campus. The agency leases five buildings from the university.

The university has a 184,000-square-foot Student Recreation and Wellness Center that is available to EPA employees for $25 per month.

The campus gym includes a “state-of-the-art” relaxation room with massage chairs, fitness assessments, personal trainers for hire, a registered dietician, a spa and leisure pool, indoor jogging, and a “gender neutral bathroom.”

Instead, the agency opted to bill taxpayers $400 per person. Request for comment from the EPA library and the Environmental Science Division were not immediately returned.

Its about time life long dirtbags get charged federally.

Duluth man gets 15 years for federal drug, gun crimes
By News Tribune Today at 10:40 a.m.

Morgan James Baumann
Morgan James Baumann
A 36-year-old Duluth man was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal drug and gun charges.

Morgan James Baumann had already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute over 15 kilograms of methamphetamine, possession of an unregistered machine gun and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
During the investigation 25 firearms including two machine guns and a sawed off shotgun, body armor, a homemade silencer and methamphetamine were seized by police. Baumann, formerly of Maple, Wis., has a previous conviction in Minnesota for aggravated 2nd degree robbery and a previous conviction in U.S. District Court for possession of a sawed off shotgun.

Baumann was arrested and charged following an extensive investigation by the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force, Duluth Police Department, St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, Superior Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and other federal agencies.

Will there be criminal charges? Doubtful.

NY Times: ATF Spent $21K on NASCAR Race From Secret Bank Account

(Russell LaBounty/NKP via AP)
By Mark Swanson | Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017 08:56 AM

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) managed millions in a secret bank account, including spending $21K on a suite at a NASCAR race and a trip to Las Vegas, The New York Times reported.
Agents also used the account to donate money to the high school and volleyball team of an agent and to pay off credit card bills, the Times reported.

Millions of dollars poured into the account from a scheme hatched by ATF agents to have informants buy untaxed cigarettes and mark them up for resale, and then cover up their tracks, the Times reported.
That scheme is at the center of a federal racketeering lawsuit, the Times reported.

While the existence of the so-called “management accounts” are common, laws are still in place to govern how they can be used and for what. For its part, the Justice Department, which oversees the ATF, has denied any wrongdoing, the Times reported.

The management accounts are used to pay informants and to set up sting operations to conceal the feds’ involvement, but the Inspector General criticized the agency for not knowing how many informants were paid or how much, the Times reported.
An NYT report in February alerted authorities to the existence of the account, prompting an investigation by the House Oversight committee, the Times reported.

The ATF wouldn’t say who authorized the account and whether the use of management accounts is still employed, the Times reported.

2017 Newsmax

Just a tad over the top, even for a teacher, don’t you think? Social engineering…start them young, right?

FL teacher fired over ‘racist,’ ‘sexist’ white privilege survey for sixth-graders

APRIL 7, 2017

SPRING HILL, Fla. – Fox Chapel Middle School fired a probationary teacher after she distributed a white privilege survey to her pre-teen students.

The survey “How Comfortable am I?” posed the question regarding dozens of hypothetical situations and tasked students with ranking their comfort level on a scale of one to four, with one “not comfortable at all” and four “completely comfortable,” WPTV reports.


Some of the situations included:

“A friend invites you to a gay bar.”

“A homeless man approaches you for change.”

“Your new roommate is Palestinian and Muslim.”

“A group of young Black men are walking toward you on the street.”

“Your dentist is HIV positive.”

“The young man sitting next to you on the plane is Arab.”

“Your brother’s new girlfriend is a single mother on welfare.”

“You discover your teenage brother kissing a male friend.”

“Your black roommate gets a full-tuition minority scholarship.”

“Your mother ‘comes out’ to you.”

District officials did not name the teacher, who distributed the lesson to students in a “Leader In Me” class, but said she had only worked at the school since January.

“I thought it was very inappropriate,” sixth-grader Tori Drews told WPTV. “I thought some of them were racist. I thought some of them were sexist. I thought it was completely intolerable.”

“There were children that were saying this is wrong. ‘Why are we doing this?’ ‘Does this have a reason?’ She was going yeah this is kind of wrong … maybe I should take it back,” Drews said. “Kids were asking if they could share it with their parents. She was like, ‘No. Don’t show your mom. Don’t take that home. I’m taking it back up.’”

Of course, some students did show their parents the assignment, and they were not happy about it.

“’How comfy are you if you see a group of black men walking to you on the street?’ That’s completely inappropriate,” parent Jennifer Block said. “In no world, whatsoever, is that OK to question a child on.”

WTSP reports the questionnaire originated from a book by philosophy professor Robert Amico titled “Exploring White Privilege” that’s intended to introduce students to discussions on racism.

Regardless, district officials are seemingly siding with parents, and issued a prepared statement that said “in no way did this assignment meet the standards of appropriate instructional material,” the news site reports.

“After being made aware of the assignment, school administration began an investigation and has taken immediate disciplinary action,” the statement continued. “This teacher was within her probationary period and has been released from employment.”

Governor goofy will follow his mentor in 3…2…1…




Jerry Brown’s 12-Cent Gas Tax Passes Legislature on Deadline

by JOEL B. POLLAK7 Apr 20172433

Both houses of the California legislature passed a 12-cent gasoline tax hike on Thursday, meeting Governor Jerry Brown’s deadline to provide an estimated $52 billion in new revenues, ostensibly for transportation infrastructure.
The bill, which also raises Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) fees, barely reached the two-thirds majority needed to raise taxes in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. Passage marks a huge political victory for Gov. Brown, who is in his fourth and final term as governor. The political consequences for legislators, however, have yet to be seen, as voters have not yet felt the pinch of a tax hike that, critics say, will hit rural and working-class Californians hardest.

The vote in the State Assembly was incredibly close, with the measure receiving no more than the 54 votes needed. The Los Angeles Times reported: “The bill posed a test of the Democratic supermajority, with members in swing districts wary of casting a politically unpopular vote to raise taxes. Legislative leaders and the governor amped up the arm-twisting in the hours before the vote, negotiating side deals to entice members with projects in their districts.”

Jerry Brown says all the projects he added to entice lawmakers to support the gas tax are worthwhile.

In the State Senate, the vote was only slightly more favorable to the governor. He lost the support of State Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), a moderate Democrat who was the only member of his party to vote against the bill. In a statement reported by the East Bay Times, Glazer wondered why new taxes were necessary rather than diverting funds from the California High-Speed Rail boondoggle. But Gov. Brown gained an ally in the one Republican to vote for the new tax hike, State Sen. Anthony Canella (R-Ceres), who supported the measure in exchange for a project in his district, according to

The bill now awaits Brown’s signature. The gas tax hike will be the largest in the state’s history, and the first in decades, in a state that already has some of the highest gas taxes in America.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He was named one of the “most influential” people in news media in 2016. His new book, How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution, is available from Regnery. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

The scams and scammers are everywhere.

Maplewood Man, David Singleton, And His Employees Accused Of Police Impersonation



“Chief” David Singleton claims that he’s not impersonating police.
Maplewood, MN – David Singleton refers to himself as Chief executive of Minnesota Community Policing Services Foundation, Inc, and he dresses in a uniform that closely resembles that of a police officer. Both he and his accomplices carry badges that look like real police badges. Singleton says that they are allowed to have their own “style.”

Police officers don’t agree. In December, 2016, David Singleton was charged in Ramsey County District Court for doing security work without a license. Those charges occurred after two of of his staff members were mistaken for police officers by a restaurant manager.

In that incident, a manager at Joe’s Crab Shack on Snelling Avenue called police officers to report that a couple of “customers,” both women, had turned up to investigate a report of a photo of a lynching that was embedded in a table. The manager said that he was unaware of it and that he asked the two women if they were law enforcement.
The two women identified themselves as “investigators” for Minnesota Community Policing Services. The manager later told police that he thought they were law enforcement officers. He requested that they show badges, which they did, along with what the manager described as official-looking IDs.

The manager told the two women that the photo had been removed, and the two women then walked around the restaurant to look for other “negative things” before leaving.

When questioned by police, both women said that they worked for “Chief Singleton’s” group without pay, and that the group had been retained by the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commission to investigate the picture.

As it turns out, the league is another group run by “Chief” Singleton, whose fondness for playing cop first became obvious in 2015 when he claimed to represent the mother of a missing child, In that incident, he got his 15 minutes of fame on TV and police officials were alarmed when he would speak to the media. He looked and sounded like a police officer. That child was later found murdered.

Police officials were concerned because not only could the public be fooled into thinking that he was an officer, but that they might also think that he was speaking for a police department.

When local media asked him about the December charge, David Singleton first claimed not to remember it. After he read the complaint, he said it was part of a concerted effort to harass him. He included the Minnesota legislature’s recent hearing on a bill that would strictly limit how close a citizen’s clothing can resemble a police officer’s. Singleton was brought up as an example, and the bill is now included in a public safety bill that is in the House.

When the two women were interviewed about what happened at Joe’s Crab Shack, they were asked what else the group did. Their answer: provide security for a St. Paul Clinic. During the interview, an investigator warned the women that if they worked as a security guard without the proper Minnesota protective agent license, that they could be charged.

That investigator later drove by the St. Paul clinic, and found one woman, Michelle Ho, working security, armed and in plainclothes. She said that she was filling in for David Singleton.

The terms of the agreement with the St. Paul clinic were discovered to be that David Singleton would provide “a special public safety consultant that will have a uniform presence” who would be “on-duty” in the early evening, in exchange for being paid $18 per hour.

Other discrepancies were found in the paperwork that was given to the police and what Singleton and Ho said their purpose at the clinic was. There were also discrepancies in what the $18 per hour was for. Singleton said that the money was used to pay him back for money that he had given to the organization.

David Singleton also said that the money was used to provide training for Boy Scout youth. At one point, in 2015, he actually had a charter with the Boy Scouts which allowed his group an Explorer troop. In fall, 2015, the Boy Scouts revoked the charter, while adding a policy stating that such charters can only go to law enforcement groups.

He then filed a complaint against the Boy Scouts with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, alleging racial bias. A Boy Scouts spokesman called the allegation false and it is still pending. Singleton has also filed complaints against one of the investigators, a local Chief of Police, and the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training.

When Singleton was told by the Investigator that he needed a license to do security work, he said that he didn’t need a license because he was a non-profit. Prior to his April 11, 2016 interview with the police, he didn’t have nonprofit status. Although, he filed for and received that status on April 12, 2016.

You might wonder, why doesn’t Singleton just go get a license to be a security guard? Because he can’t. He’s a convicted felon from 2002, when he pleaded guilty to a theft by swindle case.

David Singleton acknowledged that he has made mistakes in the past which he says he has moved on from. He said that he wants to better the community, which he can do as someone who knows both sides of the system.

I guess I’d want a bump of something if I had to grope old ladies and children too. See something, say something, saving their own asses with an ineffective bureaucracy.

Hundreds of TSA workers at airports across the US failed drug, alcohol tests

Tré Goins-Phillips

According to a new report, hundreds of Transportation Security Administration staffers failed drug and alcohol tests over the last six years. Currently, the TSA has roughly 60,000 employees working in 450 airports. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration staffers have failed drug and alcohol tests at major airports around the United States, a new investigation revealed.

In its report published this week, KGW-TV found that 858 TSA workers around the country tested positive for drugs and alcohol between 2010 and 2016, according to federal records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

And the drug use occurred at some of the nation’s busiest hubs: 51 TSA workers tested positive for drugs and alcohol at Los Angeles International Airport, 41 tested positive at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, 35 at Boston’s Logan International Airport and six at the Portland International Airport.

A spokesperson for the TSA said any employees who fail the drug and alcohol tests, which are administered randomly, are fired. The agency also targets employees it believes to be under the influence.
“Illegal substances include, but are not limited to, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine ,” TSA spokesman Nico Melendez told KGW.

While any number of TSA employees testing positive for drug use is alarming, it’s important to note that the count is fairly low. Of the 17,649 workers the TSA randomly tested last year, only 97 — or 0.55 percent — tested positive. According to Quest Diagnostics, the average percentage of positive drug tests for federal workers in “safety sensitive” jobs is 1.5 percent.

“Our expectation is that they will keep us safe in the airways, so when you put that type of expectation on somebody you would certainly want them fully alert and not inhibited by alcohol or drugs in any way,” homeland security analyst Scott Winegar told KGW.

The report follows a 2016 analysis from the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, which found employee misconduct at the TSA has “increased substantially over time, despite the agency’s attempts to address unacceptable behavior.”

“TSA employees have been criminally charged for using cocaine on the job, facilitating large scale drug and human smuggling, and engaging in child pornography activities,” the report stated.

And in February, TSA and airport employees were brought up on charges related to an alleged cocaine-smuggling operation going back nearly 20 years. The defendants allegedly transported cocaine-filled suitcases through security at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Between 1998 and 2016, Newsweek reported, roughly 20 tons of cocaine made it through the airport.

“TSA has zero tolerance for employees engaged in criminal activity to facilitate contraband smuggling,” José Baquero, federal security director for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, said in a statement at the time.

Last month, Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) introduced the Strengthening Oversight of TSA Employee Misconduct Act, which would require senior TSA officials to oversee the review of disciplinary actions given in response to TSA agents and supervisors who act inappropriately.

Currently, the reviews on agents are conducted by local supervisors and vary widely, depending on the circumstance, which, according to Perry, potentially allows for gross misconduct to be overlooked.

The Republican lawmaker introduced the legislation in response to a February incident at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, when 11 passengers were able to walk straight through TSA security checkpoints without being screened because agents left the station unsupervised.

Rather than notifying Port Authority police, the TSA agents reportedly took two hours to tell police about the incident.

“This is a common sense proposal that puts ineffective bureaucracy in check and helps keep Americans safe,” Perry said. “After continued mismanagement, we must hold our security officials accountable to the American public.”

The TSA currently has about 60,000 employees working at 450 airports

I have to wonder how many years it will take to straighten out the blunders of the Obama administration.

Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion (Billion!) In Errors During Audit Of Obama HUD



Ben Carson was the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins, so, he’s kind of a super hero.

But apparently, he’s also not a bad accountant.

President Trump picked Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose budget grew by leaps and bounds under Barack Obama.

In one of his first acts as HUD Secretary, Carson ordered an audit of the agency. What he found was staggering: $520 billion in bookkeeping errors.

“The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively,” the auditors wrote.
But there were plenty of other problems, too.

There were several other unresolved audit matters, which restricted our ability to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to express an opinion. These unresolved audit matters relate to (1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and general ledger accounts. This audit report contains 11 material weaknesses, 7 significant deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The same problems were detailed for each of the last three audits, and the auditors say the continued problems “were due to an inability to establish a compliant control environment, implement adequate financial accounting systems, retain key financial staff, and identify appropriate accounting principles and policies.”

So, look for Carson to get out his scalpel and start operating. Or perhaps he’ll use a machete.

Maybe our local schools should hire these teens to perform job searches for school officials!! How much did it cost to rid ISD 709 of I.V. Foster? I bet these kids would work for a lot, lot less.

‘We stumbled on some things that most might not consider legitimate’



Amy Robertson, former Pittsburg Kansas High school principal (Photo: Twitter)
A newly hired high-school principal in Kansas abruptly resigned from her $93,000-a-year position after enterprising student reporters at the school began investigating her background.

Principal Amy Robertson quit her job at Pittsburg High School in Kansas Tuesday, the Wichita Eagle reported.

“She was going to be the head of our school, and we wanted be assured that she was qualified and had the proper credentials,” Trina Paul, a high-school senior and an editor of the school newspaper, the Booster Redux, told the Eagle.

“We stumbled on some things that most might not consider legitimate credentials.”

Pittsburg journalism adviser Emily Smith told the paper she is “very proud” of the budding journalists.

“They were not out to get anyone to resign or to get anyone fired. They worked very hard to uncover the truth.”

On Friday, the student reporters published a story questioning Robertson’s alma mater, the private college Corllins University, where Robertson said she earned her master’s and doctoral degrees.

Corllins is an unaccredited university, but officials from the U.S. Department of Education were unable to find proof that it still operates, according to the Kansas City Star. There are dozens of student complaints online, most claiming the school is a diploma mill.

A brief inspection of the school’s typo-ridden website reveals some of its pages haven’t been updated since 2014, and links to its “University of Business,” “University of Information Technology” and “University of Law” are inoperable. The most recent post on the school’s Facebook page is from June 15, 2012.

The Better Business Bureau listing for Collins University states: “The address being used by the company of 2885 Sanford Ave SW, #12844, Grandville, MI is actually that of a company by the name of Mailbox Forwarding Inc. The true physical address of Corllins University is unknown.” The Better Business Bureau says it contacted the company, and it provided the following address: 8721 Santa Monica Blvd., #1249, Los Angeles, California 90069. However, that address appears to belong to a Mail Service Center.

California officials have confirmed that the school was never accredited or approved in the state, the Pittsburg Morning Sun reported.

During a special meeting Tuesday evening of the Pittsburg Community Schools Board of Education, board President Al Menendez announced Robertson’s resignation.

“In light of the issues that arose, Amy Robertson felt it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position,” Superintendent Destry Brown said in a statement, the Eagle reported.

The board re-opened the principal position Wednesday.

“Our goal is to find the best person to be our principal that we can find,” Brown said. “I know the students want that too.”

Robertson, who has sporadically lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates over the last 19 years, told the Eagle, “The current status of Corllins University is not relevant because when I received my MA in 1994 and my PhD in 2010, there was no issue.”

She said, “All three of my degrees have been authenticated by the U.S. government.”

According to the Morning Sun report, “Robertson said the department of state verified her qualifications as recently as 2011, and that she has documents proving so signed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Robertson told the paper she wouldn’t comment on the students’ concerns about her credentials.

“I have no comment in response to the questions posed by PHS students regarding my credentials because their concerns are not based on facts,” she said.

When she was hired for the Pittsburg High School position on March 6, a district spokesman said, “Robertson comes to Pittsburg with decades of experience in education.”

A news release at the time of her hiring said Robertson is CEO of Atticus I S Consultants, “an education consulting firm where she gained leadership and management experience at the international equivalence of a building administrator and superintendent.”

Superintendent Destry Brown said he was surprised the students probed Robertson’s credentials.

“The kids had never gone through someone like this before,” Brown told the Eagle.

He said he encouraged the journalism students in their quest to find the truth.

“I want our kids to have real-life experiences, whether it’s welding or journalism,” he said.

The students began looking into Robertson’s background after a search turned up Gulf News articles about an English language school in Dubai that was connected to her.

“The 2012 articles said Dubai’s education authority had suspended the license for Dubai American Scientific School and accused Robertson of not being authorized to serve as principal of that school,” the Eagle reported. “The private, for-profit school received an ‘unsatisfactory’ rating on Dubai education authority inspection reports every year from 2008 to 2012 and was closed in September 2013.”

Maddie Baden, a 17-year-old junior at Pittsburg High, said: “That raised a red flag. If students could uncover all of this, I want to know why the adults couldn’t find this.”