It’s got to be civil folks.

Although I understand your frustrations with what has not happened in our county attorney’s office, you have to keep your replies civil.  Although I truly appreciate your time and effort to post replies, I just cannot post them with the words used and accusations made.  I’d like to keep this site civil, at least for awhile.  Again folks, I appreciate your support but if you want your reply posted, it has to be factual and civil.

Thanks a ton…



  1. Sherrie O'Leary says:

    Lots being said by critics of Tom Pertler on this site, however, can anybody tell me who else is running? I have seen no signs out other than his. I thought if everyone got on the same page, there would be quite a buzz about how now is the time to show this guy the door. Come on Carlton County, the time is here, the time is now, get rid of him.

  2. Jacob kangas says:

    Nothing civil when it comes to troopers ramming you off the road .

  3. Jacob kangas says:

    St.Louis county trooper ram rods me and my family daily.

  4. Jacob kangas says:

    May he tell you what he’s done to me and my children in his patrol car here in cherry mn. Seemed like everyday his mental status getting worse and worse.

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