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There’s got to be a whole lot more to this story.

Duluth police officer charged with domestic assault By News Tribune Today at 7:14 p.m. A Duluth police officer has been cited for misdemeanor domestic assault after an incident in Midway Township early Sunday. Todd Kuusisto, 37, who has been with the Duluth Police Department since 2004, is slated to appear in court for arraignment on […]

Keep in mind, this is an arrest, not a conviction.

Duluth police officer arrested for domestic assault By John Myers Today at 11:59 a.m. A Duluth police officer was arrested Sunday on charges of domestic assault. The officer was arrested at the Public Safety Building in Duluth just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday for misdemeanor 5th degree domestic assault. The officer was transported the St. Louis […]

If you’ve got 18 minutes, take a peek at this video…this is what some in your government want to import to the USA

Muslim Refugees: This Could be the Most Disturbing Video You Will Ever See Tim Brown (Freedom Outpost) November 19, 2015 Many in America are still fast asleep in their mental beds, completely unaware of the judgment that is upon them and what is coming. I would normally comment on video that I post, but I […]

Welcome to your new normal…brought on by your elected morons. Riots, disorder, violence, the new normal thanks to the moron in chief. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Doesn’t apply to LEO’s, does it?

After Night Of Clashes, Protests Continue In Minneapolis Updated November 19, 20152:19 PM ET EYDER PERALTA Protesters in Minneapolis clashed with police Wednesday night, as demonstrations over the police shooting of a black man intensified. Minnesota Public Radio reports: “A gathering of hundreds of protesters at a north Minneapolis precinct grew tense Wednesday night, after […]

This ought to piss off the liar in chief. How dare the lawmakers do what the people want? Don’t even try to tell me he isn’t a muslim.

House Ignores Obama’s Veto Threat, Passes Bill to Strengthen Screening Against Syrian and Iraqi Refugees With Veto-Proof Majority Nov. 19, 2015 2:06pm Jason Howerton The U.S. House approved a GOP bill to strengthen the vetting process of Syrian and Iraqi refugees on Thursday, ignoring a veto threat from President Barack Obama. The bill was reportedly […]

Gee, who’d have ever imagined terrorists would try to infiltrate an airport?

Reminder: A Guy Who Joined ISIS Worked At The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Katie Pavlich | Nov 11, 2015 As it becomes clearer ISIS was responsible for the downing of a Russian jetliner over the Sinai peninsula two weeks ago, U.S. government officials and leaders are expressing growing concerns about airport security here at home. […]

Its not often that I agree with lawyers critical police work, but I must agree with this “opinion”.

Minnesota must end ‘policing for profit’ A change last year regarding civil forfeiture made some progress, but only to the level of a “D+” grade. Here’s what can be done. By Lee McGrath NOVEMBER 10, 2015 — 6:14PM Minnesota’s civil forfeiture laws grant police officers, sheriffs and prosecutors perverse incentives to take private property. Despite […]

Kicking ass and taking names for 240 years. Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.

Think this young man will get an invite to the White House?

College Student Makes app for Veterans to Help With PTSD Michael Cantrell October 29, 2015 1:56 pm Click Our military veterans are remarkable individuals who give up much of their lives to defend our nation and our freedom, often times coming home to little or no support in exchange for their sacrificial service. The government […]

Sadly, many charities abuse those that finance them.

Brandi Kay Wounded Warrior Project: Padding Their Own Pockets or Helping Vets? The first version of this article, I used the 2012-2013 Wounded Warrior Project 990 Tax Forms. This updated version is using the 2013-2014 Wounded Warrior Project 990 Tax Forms. (Thank you, David Isakson, for all of your assistance) I had made some errors […]