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  Law enforcement officials are seen behind police tape at Walmart. Forum News Service UPDATED 7:12 A.M.: 2 dead, including shooter, after gunshots at Grand Forks Walmart By Sarah Volpenhein Today at 5:48 a.m.   Two people are dead after a shooting at the Walmart in south Grand Forks early this morning.   The Grand Forks Air Force […]

Awesome. Do you reckon Hillahag will use this in her campaign?

Anti-Stephanopoulos Artwork Posted Near ABC News Headquarters in Manhattan   BY: Andrew Stiles May 21, 2015 1:04 pm Some interesting artwork has popped up on the streets surrounding ABC News’ Good Morning America studios in New York City. First noticed by Twitchy and the Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway, the posters feature Hillary Clinton with a smiling George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News anchor […]

Sheriff Clarke uses facts instead of rhetoric. How refreshing.

Wisconsin Sheriff: ‘It Is a Myth That Police Kill Black Males in Greater Numbers Than Anyone Else’ By Melanie Hunter | May 19, 2015 | 7:29 PM EDT Milwaukee County, Wis., Sheriff David Clarke (AP Photo) ( – Milwaukee County, Wis., Sheriff David Clarke on Tuesday addressed what he called a “myth” that police kill more black […]

Should he be held to the same standards off duty as on duty?

Minneapolis police officer indicted on nine criminal counts, including perjury Michael Griffin, the target of lawsuits, now faces nine criminal counts over bar fights. By Randy Furst Star Tribune MAY 21, 2015 — 12:08AM JEFF WHEELER  Minneapolis police officer Michael Griffin, shown when he graduated from the department’s academy. He has cost the city $410,000 in two […]

Hopefully it will give her family some sense of peace. Sad, sad story.

  Remains found at Gooseberry Falls State Park identified as Minneapolis woman missing 30 years By News Tribune Today at 2:40 p.m. Human remains found in a remote section of Gooseberry Falls State Park last year have been identified as those of a Minneapolis woman missing for nearly 30 years. Lake County Sheriff Carey Johnson and officials from […]

And yes, they vote.

Driver wanted to race Minnesota state trooper; he lost By Tim Harlow Star Tribune MAY 20, 2015 — 9:16AM A Wisconsin man who said he just wanted to race a Minnesota state trooper he encountered on a northern Minnesota interstate highway Wednesday morning is in now in jail. The driver was heading north on I-35 near Askov, […]

Of course, the entire objective is to indoctrinate children early and mold them into good little socialist democrat union members.

Spoken Like a Community Organizer By Larry Thornberry on 5.19.15 | 12:58PM “For millions of families, Head Start has been a lifeline. And for millions of kids it’s been the start of a better life,” so says our community-organizer-in-chief in a White House Press release on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Head Start. Nonsense. Every honest analysis […]

May 15, 2015 ‘We The People’ Need To Circle The Wagons: The Government Is On The Warpath by John Whitehead This article was written by John Whitehead and originally published at The Rutherford Institute “The government is merely a servant, merely a… Read More

I believe the moment has arrived.

Another scam.

9 indicted in multimillion-dollar smartphone conspiracy using homeless people Multimillion-dollar scheme used homeless people to buy smartphones using stolen IDs, charges say. By Randy Furst Star Tribune MAY 14, 2015 — 11:29PM Indictments were made public Thursday in a multimillion-dollar cellphone trafficking conspiracy that recruited homeless people to buy smartphones that were shipped to Hong Kong and […]