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Keith Ellison proves once again that he is an incompetent nitwit.

Keith Ellison compares illegals to Jews hiding from Nazis, Ben Shapiro DESTROYS HIM Sep. 20, 2017 11:03 pm by SooperMexican • Ben Shapiro went on Fox News and absolutely nuked Keith Ellison for saying that illegal aliens are like Jews hiding from Nazis. Watch below, it’s enjoyable: It’s pretty unbelievable that someone would make such […]

Hump day humor. This is funny…

Cop’s Joke In Hot Tub Turns Into Drug Raid BY COWGIRL ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 Marin County Sheriff’s Office raided a drug house after a drug dealer outed himself in a hot tub. ‘Crack Lab’ Joke Leads To Drug Bust Mission Valley, CA – What started out as a police officer making a joke in a motel […]

Oh joy.

LIVING The happiest state in the union is … By Meera Jagannathan, Moneyish September 11, 2017 | 4:37pm Modal Trigger iStockphoto Follow your bliss to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Minnesota is the happiest state of the union, according to a new ranking from WalletHub. The runners-up were Utah, Hawaii, California, Nebraska and New Jersey. Read […]

Sadly, it appears Sheriff David Clarke has resigned. I’m hoping its because he accepted a position in the Trump administration.

BREAKING: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Resigns BY OFFICER BLUE ON AUGUST 31, 2017 Sheriff Clarke has resigned as the Sheriff of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Clarke Resigns Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned from his position as Sheriff, according to Milwaukee County Clerk George L. Christenson. Sheriff Clarke submitted […]

Not astounding news, compounds don’t degrade.

August 31, 2017 Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region August 31, 2017 by Charlotte Hsu A rock bass. Researchers have detected build-ups of human antidepressants in the brains of this fish species, among others, in the Niagara River, which links Lake Erie with Lake Ontario. Credit: University at Buffalo Human antidepressants are […]

Anyone with half a brain would realize this was a sarcastic response to an overreaction.

Georgia police officer at DUI stop: ‘We only kill black people’ By Benjamin BrownPublished August 30, 2017 Fox News (kali9) A lieutenant from a police department in Georgia is under investigation after a dash-cam video obtained by Channel 2 Action News appears to show the officer telling a driver during a DUI stop, “Remember, we only kill […]

The hate for trump and love of Nobama continue to astound me.

Trump-Haters Fall For And Push Fake Pic Of Obama Serving Food To ‘Hurricane Victims’ So dumb. And obviously fake. Via Biz Pac Review: When it comes to the gullibility of the average social media user, it’s not surprising to see fake news spread like the wind. A recent example of this was a photo of […]

Presidential pardons.

I’ve been reading various articles critical of President Trump’s recent pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and just for grins, looked up the list of folks pardoned by the most recent liar in chief, Barrack Hussien Obama.  If any of you are interested, Obama gave clemency to 1,927 federally convicted criminals, more than any president since […]

Why do folks keep voting for lies and deception?

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Ellison Reveals Nancy Pelosi’s Real Views On Single-Payer [VIDEO] PETER HASSON Associate Editor House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is more supportive of pursuing a single-payer health care system than she’s willing to publicly admit, deputy Democratic National Committee chair and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said in a video obtained by The Daily Caller. […]