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Its about damn time, don’t you think? After all, isn’t the definition of equality treating everyone the same??

House panel votes to make women register for the draft Leo Shane III, Military Times 8:16 a.m. EDT April 28, 2016 Women will have to register with the Selective Service and would be eligible to be drafted in the military, under a provision narrowly approved by a House panel on Wednesday. The proposal passed the […]

An act of kindness. We wish Jacob all the best.

Bemidji High School holds early graduation for senior battling cancer, facing surgery By Kyle Farris Today at 12:17 p.m. BEMIDJI — He probably was smiling. The people who know Jacob Caliri say he does that a lot, even on days a band doesn’t play in his honor. “He’s so happy,” his mom said. “All the […]

More wisdom from Sheriff Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Best Thing About Obama Presidency Right Now Is It’s Coming to an End’ By Michael W. Chapman | April 19, 2016 | 12:58 PM EDT Commenting on President Barack Obama’s first-time appearance on Fox News Sunday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said Obama’s goals as president are to “destroy American exceptionalism,” […]

The very same weapon Hillary concludes to be a “weapon of war”. Hogwash.

Colorado school district to arm security officers with semiautomatic rifles Published April 19, 2016 (Fox 31) A Colorado school district is set to arm its security force with 10 semiautomatic rifles, FOX31 reported. Douglas County School District Director of Safety and Security Rich Payne said he bought the Bushmaster long rifles for a total […]

And yet, another Wisconsin experience. Is it the cheese, the beer, or the water?

Wisconsin Teacher Professed Love to 16-Year-Old Student by Calling Him ‘Baby Boo’ by BREITBART TV12 Apr 2016 A New Berlin, WI English teacher is facing felony charges on two counts of sexual assault of a student, per WISN. It is believed that Sara Domres, 28, and one of her former students had a relationship that […]

On an Austrian sewage truck. How is it so many American voters didn’t recognize it but Austrians do?

We’ll see where this goes….

Inver Grove Heights police chief on paid leave, under criminal investigation By Karen Zamora Star Tribune APRIL 15, 2016 — 12:52AM Inver Grove Heights Police Chief Larry Stanger was placed on paid administrative leave Monday and is under criminal investigation after “serious” allegations surfaced in a case his officers had been investigating with another agency. […]

An idea for the BLM freaks from Sheriff Clarke.

Again, don’t tell me there aren’t a couple of classes and that “Public officials need to be held to a higher standard”. Its bullshit.

You Won’t Believe What These Cops Do When They Identify This Drunk Driver – OK, Maybe You Will! Tim Brown — April 9, 2016 If you wonder why there are many who question the authority of police officers and their ability to do their job without bias, just take a look at this dashcam video […]

Blatant disrespect, abuse of perceived authority, and malfeasance.

At 1130 this morning, this Hibbing ambulance followed me up Central Entrance, onto Haines Road, into the Gander Mountain parking lot and parked in a FIRE lane right next to a “No Parking” sign. The driver walked in to go shopping and while his passenger stayed in the ambulance.  Its bad enough these “public employees” […]