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From the mouths of the party that has no issue with killing unborn babies and selling their body parts.

Democrat Defends Painting of Cops as Pigs: Police Have Killed Teens – ‘That’s Animalistic Behavior’ By Penny Starr | January 10, 2017 | 2:49 PM EST Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.). (AP) ( – At a press conference in the Cannon Office Building on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) and members […]

And just think, this is just vacation travel. Not included are the summits, golf outings, fundraising…

Here’s how much the Obama family has spent on vacations over the last eight years Tré Goins-Phillips 2 hours Over the past eight years, President Barack Obama and his family have spent more than $10 million a year for travel and vacations, totaling in excess of $85 million — and the number is still growing. […]

Why hasn’t this hit the MSM? Funny how news outlets have their own agenda and forget about news reporting. If this story is true, it should be all over the media. Rick Nolan claims to have been in the Army Reserve, but there’s no record of it Voice of the People Lawmakers are usually quick to tout their own military service and most wouldn’t dream of fabricating it. But Eighth District DFL Representative Rick Nolan appears to have once again gone where few dare to […]

End of the week news dump…nothing to see here folks,…move along…

IG: Top Pentagon aide used gov’t credit card at strip club Published October 06, 2016 Associated Press A Pentagon investigation has concluded that Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s former senior military aide used his government credit card at strip clubs or gentlemen’s clubs in Rome and Seoul, drank in excess and had “improper interactions” with women, […]

Straight white males need not apply. Isn’t this discrimination? How progressive….certainly not inclusive.

Dem Congressman Wants Anyone But Straight White Men To Apply For Internships PETER HASSON Reporter, Associate Editor 11:57 PM 08/04/2016 Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellis’ office is hiring interns for the fall and strongly encourages anyone who isn’t a straight, white able-bodied male to send in an application. “The Office of Congressman Keith Ellison is […]

Don’t you find it troubling?

Maybe its just me but I find it troubling that our liar in chief bows to everyone other than those that elected him, pays his frigging bills, finances his vacations, lifetime retirement income, his health care, his housing, security for himself and his family.  You get it, does it not offend you?  Bowing in other […]

Why, you ask? Because neither the liar in chief or his hag care about how it appears or how much of your tax dollars they piss away on themselves.

Obama brings two fuel-guzzling planes to serve as Air Force One in Argentina Obama is closing his two-day visit to Argentina by spending the afternoon with his family in Bariloche, a picturesque city in southern Argentina, before departing for Washington. (AP Photo/Ivan Fernandez) By Dave Boyer – The Washington Times – Updated: 2:12 p.m. on […]

Wanted turd of the week.

St. Louis county court stood up, wanted fugitive nowhere to be found By Ramona Marozas – Biography February 24, 2016 Updated Feb 24, 2016 at 6:15 PM CST Sandstone, MN ( — A Sandstone, Minn., man, charged with aiding and abetting an aggravated robbery, failed to appear in court on Wednesday. Wesley King was scheduled […]

Quickly and quietly, our assclown attorney makes another deal. Funny how this was done, isn’t it? Hidden agendas rule in Cartoon County.

Plea deal expected in Carlton County K9 abuse case By News Tribune on Jan 11, 2016 at 7:09 p.m. A Ramsey County sheriff’s deputy accused of assaulting his K9 partner during a training event in Carlton County last summer appears to have reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. Brett Arthur Berry, 48, is set to […]

Its all about controlling every aspect of your perceived freedoms. Constitution? Who needs it? The liar and gun salesman in chief certainly doesn’t seem to care about it.

Obama’s Executive Action on Guns Changes Privacy Rules Between Doctor and Patient Jan. 5, 2016 11:27am Kaitlyn Schallhorn While President Barack Obama’s planned executive action aimed at decreasing gun violence does include a plan for easier access to mental health care, it also calls for doctors to report mentally ill patients to the Federal Bureau […]