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The hypocrisy is stunning. In 1995, BJ Clinton got a standing ovation for saying the same thing President Trump is asserting today.

Flashback: Bill Clinton Says In 1995 What Trump Says Today On Immigration AMBER RANDALL 10:03 AM 09/02/2016 While former President Bill Clinton’s 1995 speech on illegal immigration got a standing ovation when he used the same talking points as Republican nominee Donald Trump, Trump’s Arizona speech Wednesday got him called a racist. Clinton gave a […]

Wait, does this mean the media misreports and makes up data? Wow..I’m floored.

Recent CNN Article Continues With Its War on Police, Using Flawed Documentation and Statistics BY COWGIRL ON DECEMBER 25, 2016 16 CNN again attempts to misrepresent officer-involved shooting data. CNN recently published a study of police use of what they call “fatal force” under the headline “Black Men Nearly 3 Times As Likely To Die […]

Pot, kettle, black. Why do we see no media coverage about the Clinton machine accepting donations from foreign governments but hear endless coverage of the Russians helping the Trumpster?

So, what ever happened to this story? I’m kind of guessing the ISD 709 and the media just want it to go away. The silence is deafening.

ANTI-TRUMP PICTURE SPARKS INVESTIGATION AT DULUTH’S ORDEAN-EAST MIDDLE SCHOOL By Kevin Jacobsen DULUTH, MN – A picture of Donald Trump with the caption “you’re a dead man” has officials investigating at a Duluth Middle School. The anti-Trump picture was discovered inside a glass case at Ordean-East Middle School on Monday. School District officials say the […]

Has anyone considered a taxpayer bill of rights to keep the hands of the do gooders out of our pockets? I think not. Why is Duluth becoming such a utopia for those that don’t want to work or contribute? Because they can..and your elected officials make it happen..again, and again.

Duluth rally highlights effort for Homeless Bill of Rights By John Lundy on Dec 5, 2016 at 8:35 p.m. It wasn’t a good welcome to Duluth, Marisol Sanchez said. The 18-year-old and her fiance drove here from California, she said, arriving in Duluth with no money left. About a month and a half ago they […]

This, from the same crowd that preaches their incorrect interpretation of “Separation of church and state”? The hypocrisy is stunning.

Parents of these mind numbed robots in the school systems need to retract their heads from their least the ones that want their kids to learn something other than a liberal ideology.  On one hand, the leftists say there cannot be any religious symbols, statements, or theories, on the other, they allow not only public displays […]

Anyone remember Sarah Palin being incessantly mocked for talking about death panels? Its here..I don’t hear any apologies..

Assisted-suicide law prompts insurance company to deny coverage to terminally ill California woman By Bradford Richardson – The Washington Times – Thursday, October 20, 2016 A terminally ill California woman says her insurance company denied her coverage for chemotherapy treatment but offered to pay for her to kill herself, shortly after California passed a law […]

Holiday weekend news dump. Yes, it is intentionally done to keep you mis, mal, or uninformed.

FBI releases Clinton investigation documents Published September 02, 2016 FBI and DOJ to make some Clinton email documents public The FBI released several dozen pages of documents Friday from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email use while secretary of state – showing numerous gaps in the record. According to the files, some of […]

Blame everything but the obvious. Keep voting for, hiring, promoting libtards and societal decline will continue and accelerate.

MN racial achievement gap widens despite ‘white privilege’ discipline approach AUGUST 1, 2016 BY VICTOR SKINNER MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The achievement gap between white and minority students remains as big as ever in Minnesota schools, despite a “restorative justice” approach to student discipline designed to address the problem. Student scores on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments […]

This is the reason folks need to be calm and wait for results of an investigation. I don’t know how true this story is but it makes more sense than the “assassin cop” mantra that is so popular with the media.

H/T  Click on the highlighted link for the whole story Confirmed – MN Police Shooting – Philando Castile Was an Armed Robbery Suspect– False Media Narrative Now Driving Cop Killings… Posted on July 8, 2016 by sundance The Conservative Treehouse The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false […]