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This should go well…because socialism has a history of working so well…

Venezuelan president to arm militia supporters after confiscating civilian guns Brandon Morse Picture taken during a parade in the framework of the seventh anniversary of the Bolivarian Militia, in front of the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas on April 17, 2017. Venezuela’s defence minister on Monday declared the army’s loyalty to Maduro, who ordered troops […]

Think about this when you pay your ransom on April 15th. Yes, the total at the end is almost 97 MILLION dollars.

New Judicial Watch documents: Obama spent taxpayer money campaigning for Hillary Clinton Leigh Munsil President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 5. (AP/John Bazemore) President Barack Obama appeared to spend $360,236 of taxpayer money on a campaign trip to North Carolina on Air Force One with […]

“Management”? Its all about control.

Locked out The late LaVoy Finicum’s widow, Jeannette, was not allowed by the BLM to turn her cattle onto winter range this summer despite her fees and fines … Five Bundy men remained incarcerated over the Christmas holiday for participating in protest movements against the federal government’s land management strategies. The patriarch, Cliven Bundy, who […]

And in his arrogant defiance, he claims he could have beat Trump. In related “fake news”, Unicorns are real, pigs can fly, and Bill Clinton didn’t inhale.

Democrats lost over 1,000 seats under Obama Published December 27, 2016 Confidence or arrogance? Obama says he could’ve beaten Trump President Obama claims he could have won a third term if he had been allowed to run – but even if he’s right, his coattails haven’t done much for the rest of his party. […]

Its kind of like bragging about his excessive golfing or vacationing. The narcissist in chief strikes again.

  WH Boasts: Obama Commuted More Criminal Sentences ‘Than Last 11 Presidents Combined’ By Staff | December 20, 2016 | 10:54 AM EST   ( – The White House is boasting that with the 153 federal inmates that President Barack Obama granted clemency yesterday, Obama has now commuted more criminal sentences than all the […]

Has anyone considered a taxpayer bill of rights to keep the hands of the do gooders out of our pockets? I think not. Why is Duluth becoming such a utopia for those that don’t want to work or contribute? Because they can..and your elected officials make it happen..again, and again.

Duluth rally highlights effort for Homeless Bill of Rights By John Lundy on Dec 5, 2016 at 8:35 p.m. It wasn’t a good welcome to Duluth, Marisol Sanchez said. The 18-year-old and her fiance drove here from California, she said, arriving in Duluth with no money left. About a month and a half ago they […]

Insanity on steroids that your tax dollars help fund. Thought police 101.

Trouble viewing this message? Read this message on the Web. Office of the Chancellor Dear UMD community members, This message goes out to you as a follow-up to Chancellor Black’s message a couple weeks ago. We would like to reaffirm our commitment to an inclusive campus community that is willing to pursue difficult conversations and be […]

Speaking of swamp creatures.. Why can’t the parasites just wait and see what Trump can do? Wouldn’t it be more fun for them to gloat if he fails miserably?

Ellison: Trump will fill Washington with ‘more swamp creatures’ By GABBY MORRONGIELLO (@GABRIELLAHOPE_) • 11/20/16 12:29 PM Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison ripped President-elect Trump on Sunday for committing “extraordinary” abuse against working Americans and making campaign promises he can’t keep. “Donald Trump has already proven where he’s going with this thing,” Ellison, who is in […]

More of your tax dollars pissed away. What part of the constitution addresses tax funded sex change surgeries??

Minnesota Judge: Medicaid Coverage Ban for Transgender Surgeries Unconstitutional by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ17 Nov 2016401 A district court judge in Minnesota ruled this week that transgender people on Medicaid have the right to gender reassignment surgery, lifting a decade-long statewide ban on transgender surgeries for those on Medicaid. Ramsey County Judge William Leary granted 64-year-old Evan […]

This, from the same crowd that preaches their incorrect interpretation of “Separation of church and state”? The hypocrisy is stunning.

Parents of these mind numbed robots in the school systems need to retract their heads from their least the ones that want their kids to learn something other than a liberal ideology.  On one hand, the leftists say there cannot be any religious symbols, statements, or theories, on the other, they allow not only public displays […]