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Its all about government control and overreach. Only in Wisconsin? No. The Government does not care about private property rights.

Regulation madness: Inside a family’s 12-year legal fight to sell a small, vacant parcel of land Sara Gonzales Regulation madness: Inside a family’s 12-year legal fight to sell a small, vacant parcel of land The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next month in the case of Murr v. Wisconsin, a property rights case stemming […]

Not one single reference to the 2nd amendment and citizens having a constitutional protected right to bear arms.

Record number of gun carry permits issued in 2016 in Minnesota Current valid permits now total more than 265,000, the highest number the state has ever reported in its annual report. By Paul Walsh Star Tribune MARCH 1, 2017 — 12:33PM A record number of Minnesotans now have a permit to carry. Law enforcement issued […]

“Management”? Its all about control.

Locked out The late LaVoy Finicum’s widow, Jeannette, was not allowed by the BLM to turn her cattle onto winter range this summer despite her fees and fines … Five Bundy men remained incarcerated over the Christmas holiday for participating in protest movements against the federal government’s land management strategies. The patriarch, Cliven Bundy, who […]

Another good reason to join the NRA if you’re not already a member. Don’t forget, there are still a bunch of gun grabbers in congress.

Washington Examiner THURSDAY | DECEMBER 8, 2016 Obama is ‘most frustrated’ he couldn’t pass gun control By ANNA GIARITELLI (@ANNA_GIARITELLI) • 12/7/16 10:47 PM President Obama said his biggest policy disappointment as president was not passing gun control laws, according to an interview CNN aired Wednesday evening. “If you ask me where has been the […]

Constitution? You will obey… Its disgusting how our government just seems to do whatever they want..

FBI Quietly Gains Remote Access To America’s Computers ERIC LIEBERMAN Tech and Law Reporter 11:31 AM 12/02/2016 U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies were officially granted expanded hacking powers Thursday after an eleventh-hour attempt by the Senate to block the changes failed. Judges across the country will be able to issue search warrants that give […]

More of your tax dollars pissed away. What part of the constitution addresses tax funded sex change surgeries??

Minnesota Judge: Medicaid Coverage Ban for Transgender Surgeries Unconstitutional by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ17 Nov 2016401 A district court judge in Minnesota ruled this week that transgender people on Medicaid have the right to gender reassignment surgery, lifting a decade-long statewide ban on transgender surgeries for those on Medicaid. Ramsey County Judge William Leary granted 64-year-old Evan […]

This, from the same crowd that preaches their incorrect interpretation of “Separation of church and state”? The hypocrisy is stunning.

Parents of these mind numbed robots in the school systems need to retract their heads from their least the ones that want their kids to learn something other than a liberal ideology.  On one hand, the leftists say there cannot be any religious symbols, statements, or theories, on the other, they allow not only public displays […]

One more step to nationalized, Federal police force. Federalize everything, just like the Nazi’s, the USSR, Venezuela. Its all about controlling you, your family, your community, and everything you do.

Federal panel begins Minnesota police civil rights study By Don Davis Today at 5:25 p.m. ST. PAUL — A federal study of relations between Minnesota police and their communities has expanded from Hennepin County to statewide. A Minnesota advisory committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Monday, Oct. 31, decided the discussion should not be […]

Foxes guarding the henhouse. Sound like any other public official you know?

Twin Cities husband of ex-tax judge admits duping IRS; charges against her pending Purchases during the scam included overseas plane tickets, wine club fees and jewelry. By Paul Walsh Star Tribune SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 — 8:46AM The husband of a former U.S. Tax Court judge has pleaded guilty to making nearly $1 million in fraudulent […]

The most ridiculous court decision I’ve ever read. This is why they are called “opinions” and why I’ve said for years that the rule of law is dead and a thing of the past.

Mass. High Court: Blacks Have Special Right To Run From Cops KEVIN DALEY Legal Affairs Reporter 12:16 PM 09/21/2016 Black men may have a legitimate reason to flee Boston police during investigatory or “Terry” stops, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday. The court found that systemic racism in the Boston Police Department may be […]