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More flat bottle Thom. Party on in the County Attorney’s office!! I wonder if I could get a job there…

If the allegations prove to be true in the article below, the county board needs to get off their collective asses and get rid of this vodka soaked excuse for a county attorney.  I’d argue they should have acted after he showed up smashed to teach class at the college, certainly after his arrest for […]

I’m not sure if who is the bigger disgrace…Bergdahl, Obama, or the judge that let him walk.

Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl gets dishonorable discharge, no jail time The 31-year-old Army sergeant pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and had faced up to life in prison. President Trump tweeted Friday the sentence handed down to Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — a dishonorable […]

Equality is a fantasy. If exceptions have to be made to pass physical agility tests, thats not equality, its discrimination. It discriminates against men, not women. What a joke. Who would you want dragging you from a burning building, a 110 pound woman or a 250 pound man?

Judge Rules That Colorado Springs Police Fitness Test Discriminates Against Women BY OFFICER BLUE ON JULY 13, 2017 Colorado Springs PD was told by a federal judge that they can’t fire officers for failing their physical test. Judge Orders Colorado Springs PD to Scrap Their Physical Test Colorado Springs, CO – Concluding a two-year lawsuit […]

Questioning her colleagues and the cops that try to keep the streets safe. Classless.

LAWS & LEGAL April 24, 2017 Law Officer  Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor: ‘Disturbing Trend’ Siding With Police Officers Photo Courtesy:  Wikipedia Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote Monday that the court is developing a “disturbing trend” of siding with police officers accused of excessive force at the expense of their alleged victims, a notion disputed […]

Do you wonder why cops work so hard only to constantly get pissed on? Here’s a turd that knocked around his wife and assaulted a Deputy, only to get released without bail.

Crosby man who grabbed deputy’s throat faces domestic charges By BRAINERD DISPATCH on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:50 a.m. Justin Lee Abbott A 33-year-old Crosby man arrested for domestic assault faces several criminal charges after allegedly grabbing a Crow Wing County Sheriff’s deputy by the throat during his arrest. Justin Lee Abbott made his first […]

This is the very type of thing the program at Moose Lake Pervert Palace is trying to prevent….without the help of Judge Donovan Frank.

Police: Sex Offender Recently Released from Prison Allegedly Raped and Murdered Ohio Woman by WARNER TODD HUSTON 13 Feb 2017 Columbus, OH Police in Columbus, Ohio, have charged a sex offender who had been released from prison only three months ago with the rape and murder of Ohio State University student Reagan Tokes. The 21-year-old […]

Sickening. Are you still critical of President Trump’s vetting program? What if the victim was your wife, daughter, sister, or mother?

Somali Refugee Rapes Mother on Minnesota Bus Near Her Child Won’t Be Deported By S. Noble – January 31, 201753 The Somali refugee who raped a mother on a bus in Minnesota at knifepoint near her 7-year old daughter is not only remaining in the U.S., he is out on $5,000 bail. People are asking […]

Above the law? Public officials should be held to a higher standard, right?

Judge accused of giving gun to felon is indicted Published November 18, 2016 Associated Press SALEM, Ore. – A Marion County Circuit judge who is fighting to convince the Oregon Supreme Court to let him keep his seat has been arraigned on felony charges that he twice provided a felon with a gun. Vance Day […]

More of your tax dollars pissed away. What part of the constitution addresses tax funded sex change surgeries??

Minnesota Judge: Medicaid Coverage Ban for Transgender Surgeries Unconstitutional by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ17 Nov 2016401 A district court judge in Minnesota ruled this week that transgender people on Medicaid have the right to gender reassignment surgery, lifting a decade-long statewide ban on transgender surgeries for those on Medicaid. Ramsey County Judge William Leary granted 64-year-old Evan […]

Legislating from the bench.

H/T: Bluelivesmatter Judge Disarms Officers Who Showed Up To Testify, Because Guns… By Officer Blue On October 13, 2016 Judge Gonzalez disarms officers who show up to testify at jury trials. Judge Disarms Officers Who Showed Up To Testify, Because Guns Are Scary Looking La Crosse County Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez disarmed officers called to […]