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Don’t confuse the masses with facts, just keep pushing the agenda and narrative to disarm Americans.

18 School Shootings Number Vastly Inflated, Washington Post Says (Lori Martin/ By Zoe Papadakis    |   Friday, 16 Feb 2018 09:39 AM The 18-school-shootings-in-2018 number widely making the rounds after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Florida has been vastly inflated, The Washington Post reported. Non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety released the […]

This story gets more interesting every day.

Gov. Investigating ‘Do You Know How Many Guys I Had To Blow’ State Police Cover-Up bySnarkyCop 19 hrs –edited Gov. Charlie Baker is reportedly furious over the current State Police corruption scandal and has launched an investigation. Boston, MA – Two troopers are now suing the Massachusetts State Police over senior command staff’s attempted cover-up […]

Why do folks keep voting for lies and deception?

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Ellison Reveals Nancy Pelosi’s Real Views On Single-Payer [VIDEO] PETER HASSON Associate Editor House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is more supportive of pursuing a single-payer health care system than she’s willing to publicly admit, deputy Democratic National Committee chair and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said in a video obtained by The Daily Caller. […]

An interesting opinion piece on media hypocrisy and telling partial truths. Is fake news real? You bet it is.

OPINION (PHOTO: Screenshot via CBS Minnesota/ What Happens When The Races Are Reversed In A Police Shooting SCOTT GREER Deputy Editor 12:07 AM 07/21/2017 One cop is finally receiving support from the press and political leaders after being at the center of another high-profile police shooting. Last weekend, an Australian woman, Justine Damond, called police […]

You want to see collusion? Take a look here in Cartoon County. A good man run off because…well, he irritated the powers at be.

This started as a dog and pony show, a witch hunt…just like I predicted months ago.  Now it comes out the department and the city council were working together with the union to launch a good man from a tough job.  This is really a fine example how government is NOT supposed to work.   *********************************************************************** […]

The hypocrisy is simply astounding…and yes, from both sides of the aisle. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone since congress exempted themselves from Obamacare..

Hundreds of lawmakers who want Trump’s tax returns unwilling to release their own Tré Goins-Phillips 30 mins A majority of lawmakers are unwilling to share their tax returns despite repeated calls for President Donald Trump to publicly release his financial records, a practice that has been in place for every presidential candidate since President Richard Nixon. […]

The hypocrisy of the left. Meanwhile, Bernie’s wife Jane is being investigated for fraud…..

Bernie Sanders, the Senator Who Hates Rich People, Made More Than $1 Million Last Year Scott Eisen/Getty Images by PENNY STARR5 Jun 20171,151 Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has always slammed people who are successful and enjoy wealth and the lifestyle it facilitates and that it is not right that they have more than the folks […]

If the lame stream media really wants to investigate scandals, they should have started with the liar in chief. They’d all have jobs for years and years.

Govt Watchdog Finds Obama Justice Dept Illegally Discriminated Against Veterans “The veterans refused to withdraw…”By Randy DeSoto on May 17, 2017 at 4:22pm A new government watchdog report published on Wednesday found that the Obama Justice Department discriminated against veterans in its hiring practices. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, charged with overseeing the Justice […]

The scams and scammers are everywhere.

Maplewood Man, David Singleton, And His Employees Accused Of Police Impersonation BY COWGIRL ON APRIL 7, 2017   “Chief” David Singleton claims that he’s not impersonating police. Maplewood, MN – David Singleton refers to himself as Chief executive of Minnesota Community Policing Services Foundation, Inc, and he dresses in a uniform that closely resembles that […]

Minnesota deception, not nice. Who will be fired?

Minnesota Health Officials Conceal Case of Active TB in High School for Six Weeks by MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY 14 Jan 2017889 A student or staff member at St. Louis Park High School in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) in late November, but Hennepin County Department of Health officials and St. Louis […]