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If the lame stream media really wants to investigate scandals, they should have started with the liar in chief. They’d all have jobs for years and years.

Govt Watchdog Finds Obama Justice Dept Illegally Discriminated Against Veterans “The veterans refused to withdraw…”By Randy DeSoto on May 17, 2017 at 4:22pm A new government watchdog report published on Wednesday found that the Obama Justice Department discriminated against veterans in its hiring practices. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, charged with overseeing the Justice […]

The scams and scammers are everywhere.

Maplewood Man, David Singleton, And His Employees Accused Of Police Impersonation BY COWGIRL ON APRIL 7, 2017   “Chief” David Singleton claims that he’s not impersonating police. Maplewood, MN – David Singleton refers to himself as Chief executive of Minnesota Community Policing Services Foundation, Inc, and he dresses in a uniform that closely resembles that […]

Minnesota deception, not nice. Who will be fired?

Minnesota Health Officials Conceal Case of Active TB in High School for Six Weeks by MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY 14 Jan 2017889 A student or staff member at St. Louis Park High School in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) in late November, but Hennepin County Department of Health officials and St. Louis […]

So, what ever happened to this story? I’m kind of guessing the ISD 709 and the media just want it to go away. The silence is deafening.

ANTI-TRUMP PICTURE SPARKS INVESTIGATION AT DULUTH’S ORDEAN-EAST MIDDLE SCHOOL By Kevin Jacobsen DULUTH, MN – A picture of Donald Trump with the caption “you’re a dead man” has officials investigating at a Duluth Middle School. The anti-Trump picture was discovered inside a glass case at Ordean-East Middle School on Monday. School District officials say the […]

Let the scam on the taxpayer continue. I thought it was pretty clear when the voters passed a referendum that was set to expire.

All the scams, bullshit, lies, lies by omission, and you folks keep buying it, hook, line, and sinker.  Although the editorial below claims your input is important, if that were true, they would not be trying to extend the funding that was set to expire.  Don’t be fooled, you’re a cash cow and elected politicians know […]

Don’t buy into the lies and deceit.

Recently, the elected assclowns of the Carlton School Board (ISD 93) sent out this letter encouraging voters in the district to vote in favor of renewing a referendum set to expire.  Of course, there is no rational explanation for it.  At the end, it says your taxes will not go up if you vote yes.  Technically, […]

Since its illegal to walk in the street obstructing vehicle traffic, I don’t see the problem.

See, the rub here is if the cop would have let the dipshit continue walking in the street and had he been hit by a car, the cops would be crucified in the media for that too…. *************************************************************** Minnesota Man’s Arrest After Walking in Street Sparks Concern From Rights Groups MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN,Good Morning America 17 hours ago […]

So, Trump said it, Slick Willy did it , multiple times and was re-elected after the discovery of his debauchery…and Hillary defended him. Which is worse?

There is not an honest man on this earth that hasn’t said a thing or two that wouldn’t be considered “offensive” by the politically correct crowd.  Real women know men are pigs, its who we are.  This whole made up controversy is a ridiculous diversion made up by democrats and the politically correct crowd.  If […]

Another local doper plea deal…and it surely wasn’t his first rodeo.

Chisholm man faces fifth-degree drug charges By soyat Today at 6:52 a.m. A Chisholm man pleaded guilty to fifth-degree drug possession and fleeing police in a plea deal earlier this month in Sixth District Carlton County Court. Justine John Kari, also known as Justin J. Karl and Justin John Kori, 36, was sentenced Sept. 19 […]

This, from the incompetent deplorable bitch whose State Department lost 6 BILLION dollars during her tenure..

October 03, 2016, 02:14 pm Clinton hits Trump: ‘What kind of genius loses a billion dollars?’ By Ben Kamisar Hillary Clinton ripped Donald Trump over the report in The New York Times that he may have turned a nearly $1 billion loss into 18 years of not owing taxes, saying he was “taking from America […]