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Compelled to resign for doing his job. Its a sad, sad day when illegal aliens have more rights than legal citizens doing the job they are sworn to do.

Minneapolis Transit Officer Andy Lamers Resigns After Asking About Immigration Status Of Light Rail Passenger BY COWGIRL ON JUNE 2, 2017 Officer Andy Lamers was captured on video investigating a passenger’s claim of having no ID by asking if he was in the country illegally. Officer Andy Lamers Resigns After Manufactured Scandal Minneapolis, MN –  […]

Hump day feel good story.

Police Eating At Restaurant Near Site Of Deputy’s Murder Get Unexpected Note On Their Receipt BY OFFICER BLUE ON MAY 24, 2017 0 Law enforcement eating at the Oasis restaurant got this note. The Oasis Restaurant Leaves Unexpected Note For Officers Manhattan, MT – A group of law enforcement officers received an unexpected note on their […]

Another act of class and dignity by our commander in chief.

Donald Trump Will Light White House in Blue to Honor Fallen Law Officials by CHARLIE SPIERING15 May 2017 President Donald Trump will light the White House in blue on Monday night, to honor law enforcement officials who have perished in the line of duty. Plans to light the White House were detailed in a document […]

Peace officers Memorial Day and Police week.

Take the time today or sometime this week to shake a LEO’s hand, thank them for what they do, buy them lunch, or simply take a moment to remember that cops are people too…just like everyone else.  In this day and age with all the cop hating going on, I think it would be nice to […]

A good story to end the week with.

Daughter of cop killed in line of duty gets prom surprise Published May 07, 2017 Fox News Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print  ( Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) An Indianapolis teen got quite the surprise when for those quintessential prom photos with her family — she was taken to Crown Hill Cemetery. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police […]

More government corruption.

WAR ON POLICE Vian Police Officer Forced To Resign After She Arrests City Councilman’s Son; Chief Tells Them He Quits BY OFFICER BLUE ON MAY 10, 2017 Vian Officer Lindsey Green and Chief Ted Johnson resigned after the city was going to fire Officer Green for arresting a city councilman’s son. Vian Chief Ted Johnson […]

What about the idea of LEO’s treating everyone the same? Does that no longer apply to folks of color?

Comey: Law Enforcement Needs to Do Better Job Understanding the ‘Journey of Black America’ by PAM KEY 8 May 2017 Monday at the Anti-Defamation League Conference, FBI Director James Comey said law enforcement “officers and deputies and agents” need to do a better job “understanding” the communities they serve, including “the history and journey of black America—the hopes, […]

The haters keep hating…at a university no less. Will this be considered a racial hate crime?

EDUCATION Wisconsin Students Demand Control Over Cops Because ‘F**K THE POLICE’ Graffiti Vandal Got Busted ERIC OWENS Education Editor 4:11 PM 05/08/2017 The student government at the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin-Madison has unanimously issued a resolution that demands “community control” over the campus police force because of “implicit bias.” As evidence of “implicit bias,” the […]

Hump day feel good story. Blue lives matter.

‘God put me in that situation’: Bodycam-wearing policeman saves autistic 4-year-old from drowning Sarah Taylor 24 mins A Topeka, Kansas, policeman rescued a 4-year-old autistic boy from drowning Sunday in a pond at a neighborhood park. (Image credit: YouTube screenshot) Topeka police Officer Aaron Bulmer said that God put him in a situation that resulted in […]

This kind of stuff is really getting ridiculous.

RALEIGH POLICE OUTRAGED AFTER RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES SING “F THE POLICE,” OFFICERS SAY  Several members of law enforcement are disappointed and disturbed by what happened to the police officers at a Garner restaurant. (WTVD) By Tim Pulliam Saturday, April 29, 2017 11:36PM RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) — Law enforcement officials are disappointed and disturbed by what […]