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Will folks be so fast to judge now?

This will be entertaining to watch, the stories I’ve read this morning were pretty one sided against the police.  Now that the news is out that the shooter was the “first Somalian police officer hired in the fifth precinct” who I’d guess is likely Muslim, will attitudes change? Will this officer be persecuted in the media […]

Why does it seem the police are always presumed guilty until they prove innocence?

Australian woman shot dead by Minneapolis police after calling to report possible crime Published July 17, 2017 Fox News Community demanding answers after woman shot dead by police An Australian woman engaged to marry an American next month was shot and killed by a Minneapolis cop Saturday night after calling police to report an incident, […]

Weekend feel good story..

U.S. Teen who blasted ‘F–k Tha Police’ at cop’s funeral booted from apartment New York Post 20 hours ago A cop-hating Bronx teen has been kicked out of his apartment for repeatedly blasting the rap song “F–k Tha Police” from the window as thousands of NYPD cops gathered to mourn a slain colleague, the building’s […]

Equality is a fantasy. If exceptions have to be made to pass physical agility tests, thats not equality, its discrimination. It discriminates against men, not women. What a joke. Who would you want dragging you from a burning building, a 110 pound woman or a 250 pound man?

Judge Rules That Colorado Springs Police Fitness Test Discriminates Against Women BY OFFICER BLUE ON JULY 13, 2017 Colorado Springs PD was told by a federal judge that they can’t fire officers for failing their physical test. Judge Orders Colorado Springs PD to Scrap Their Physical Test Colorado Springs, CO – Concluding a two-year lawsuit […]

Ridiculous. Yanez was acquitted yet continues to be victimized.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez Accepts Small Payout From Department To Quit Police Work Forever BY ANDREW BLAKE ON JULY 11, 2017 Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted in the shooting of Philando Castile and reached a settlement with the police department that let him go. Jeronimo Yanez, Officer Who Shot Philando Castile Reaches Settlement Minneapolis, Minnesota – […]

Good. Its not like the cops don’t have enough to do or worry about..

Sheriff won’t let officers use Narcan, says life-saving drug not helping heroin epidemic By Alex Diaz, Kristine Kotta Published July 07, 2017 Fox News Why Left’s violent protests undermine civil rights movement An Ohio sheriff is taking a stand in the war on heroin addiction that he said will get at the root of the […]

What an embarrassment. governor goofy once again proves he’s unfit for office. think he knows what “acquitted” means?

Gov. Mark Dayton To Spend over $10 Million on Police Training Named After Philando Castile BY OFFICER BLUE ON JULY 9, 2017 Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants a lot of taxpayer money to train officers to work in diverse areas. Governor Mark Dayton Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Nonsense Training St. Paul, MN – Minnesota […]

Its extortion, plain and simple. Settlements or lawsuits should be forbidden if an officer is acquitted.

Philando Castile Settlement: Family Gets Multi-Million Dollar Payment BY COWGIRL ON JUNE 26, 2017 2 COMMENTS A Philando Castile settlement payment has been established with his family. Philando Castile Settlement St. Paul, MN – On Monday, June 26, St. Anthony city officials announced the Philando Castile settlement payment to his family, according to The Washington Post. […]

Compelled to resign for doing his job. Its a sad, sad day when illegal aliens have more rights than legal citizens doing the job they are sworn to do.

Minneapolis Transit Officer Andy Lamers Resigns After Asking About Immigration Status Of Light Rail Passenger BY COWGIRL ON JUNE 2, 2017 Officer Andy Lamers was captured on video investigating a passenger’s claim of having no ID by asking if he was in the country illegally. Officer Andy Lamers Resigns After Manufactured Scandal Minneapolis, MN –  […]

Hump day feel good story.

Police Eating At Restaurant Near Site Of Deputy’s Murder Get Unexpected Note On Their Receipt BY OFFICER BLUE ON MAY 24, 2017 0 Law enforcement eating at the Oasis restaurant got this note. The Oasis Restaurant Leaves Unexpected Note For Officers Manhattan, MT – A group of law enforcement officers received an unexpected note on their […]