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Do you really wonder why the cops are so jumpy and on edge?

FBI: Over 57,000 Police Officers Assaulted in 2016 L.M. Otero/AP by AWR HAWKINS16 Oct 20171,576 The FBI’s unified crime report for 2016 shows that 57,180 police officers were assaulted and 118 were killed in the line of duty. Nearly 80 percent “of officers who were assaulted in the line of duty were attacked with personal […]

Consequences of the war on police.

118 Law Enforcement Officers Killed/Died in Line of Duty in 2016, Up 37% from 2015 By Susan Jones | October 16, 2017 | 11:44 AM EDT (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) ( – Of the 118 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year, up 37 percent from 2015, the FBI reported on Monday. […]

Let them try it for a day or two and see how well it works. How progressive!!

Several Minneapolis Candidates Say They Believe In A City Without Police Officers byGinnyReed 22 hrs –edited The candidates answered a question about a city without police officers in a voter guide survey organized by a local activist group. Minneapolis, MN – Several candidates for Minneapolis City Council and Mayor said in a local voter’s guide […]

The war on the police continues…

Wisc. Senator Denounces ‘Vile and Racist’ Student Video of Beheading Police By Michael W. Chapman | September 21, 2017 | 12:12 PM EDT (Image: Twitter)  WARNING: There is profanity and simulated violence in the video and pictures posted in this story. ( — Noting that a University of Wisconsin student-made video, showing police depicted as […]

Another hero falls.

Deputy who went viral for delivering newborn dies of heart attack JOI-MARIE MCKENZIE,Good Morning America Sat, Sep 9 5:31 PM PDT  A police deputy who went viral twice online for his relationship with a Texas toddler has died. Deputy Constable Mark Diebold died Thursday from a heart attack, according to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. […]

An eight minute lesson explaining why you need to do exactly what cops tell you to on a traffic stop.

VIDEO: Cop Tells Felon ‘You Reach For That Gun, I’ll Blow Your Brains Out’ – He Does So… BY ANDREW BLAKE ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 Kettering Police officer Jonathon McCoy gave about 30 commands to a man he eventually shot and killed who had said he wasn’t going back to prison and would kill a […]

Feel good story of the week.

SO AWESOME: Almost 100 Texas police officers take son of fallen officer to kindergarten on his first day Aug. 24, 2017 2:25 pm by The Right Scoop •  This is an amazing story, one that might even make you cry if you think about it too much: CBN NEWS – Police officers from across Texas […]

A horrible injustice.

Man Pulls Up, Shoots Officer Sitting In Patrol Car, Gets Plea Deal To Avoid Most Punishment BY COWGIRL ON AUGUST 23, 2017 David Mejia (left) ambushed and shot Officer David Starling (right) while he was working on a collision report. David Mejia Gets Joke Of Sentence – Blue Lives Don’t Matter In Miami Courts Miami-Dade […]

Its about time. Police officers have been taking it on the chin for years….

WAR ON POLICE WATCH: NYPD SBA’s Video On ‘Blue Racism’ Goes Viral – Causing Meltdowns BY COWGIRL ON AUGUST 21, 2017 The NYPD SBA has called out “Blue Racism.” ‘Blue Racism’ Video Draws Criticism New York City, NY – The NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association has made a new video over ‘blue racism’ it says is affecting […]

Will folks be so fast to judge now?

This will be entertaining to watch, the stories I’ve read this morning were pretty one sided against the police.  Now that the news is out that the shooter was the “first Somalian police officer hired in the fifth precinct” who I’d guess is likely Muslim, will attitudes change? Will this officer be persecuted in the media […]