Simply, this is a grass roots effort to inform taxpayers of Carlton County, MN about the misdeeds, errors and ignorance of some of our local officials while acting in the performance of their duties. Keep in mind folks, all of our elected officials and hired public employees work for the tax payers.

It started as an effort to remove our current sitting County Attorney but with input and support from many in our community, it probably will grow to cover different subject matter of concern to the taxpayers. I never realized the anger, disappointment, and feelings of distraught of many here until I began discussing issues with others from the county I met and spoke with.

This really is a blog dedicated to publicly airing the concerns and issues of the local taxpayers with a hope that someone in the county courthouse will notice and really try to make government work FOR the taxpayer, not against them.I know for a fact there are a few, but many think they rule us.   Many of our frustrated locals are seniors or folks without the resources, time, or energy to undertake such an effort. I may from time to time include some national issues but by and large, I want to remain local.

Unfortunately for our local government officials, I do have the resources, time, and energy to reflect and publish their thoughts and experiences. It started now, well, a few years ago, when folks spoke to me about their disdain of our county attorney’s propensity to plea serious criminal cases to what amounted to a slap on the hand.  Now that our county attorney has been prosecuted for his DWUI, well, kind of prosecuted, it really ought to get you thinking about what works in our “system” and what doesn’t.

On the other hand, if you happen to be one of the chosen few that got caught and got a careless driving ticket or if you’re the judge that hit the ditch and got towed out without consequence, good for you.  What about the rest of us that have no pull in the system?  What about those that don’t have any favors to call in?

On a personal note, the county attorney lied right to my face. I had a witness with me and he heard the same thing I did. He assured us a particular case I was involved in (a criminal case I was unofficially investigating) could not, nor would not, be tried by his office nor a neighboring county. Well, guess what. It is, right now. He lied to me. I find that irritating. I’ve tried to write him about his misdeeds and have gone ignored.

I began to understand why so many others in the county have the dislike they do and made a commitment to try to change it. I know we are all sick of hearing about “change” as widely screamed in the last Presidential election but I’m talking about a different kind of change. I’m talking about change on a local level based on honesty, integrity, and facts. Not supposition or speculation, but facts. Unfortunately, it appears many of our elected officials locally, statewide, and Federally have forgotten about us, the taxpayers. I’d like to do my best to change that. Some think I’m wasting my time and that may be true. At least this blog will give me, us, WE, the people, a way to vent, a way to voice our discontent.

I’m dedicated to relay all information I can in a respectful, factual manner without slander, accusations, threats etc. Like a famous actor once said “The facts ma’am, just the facts” I am committed to do this and hope readers will let me know when I get off track.



  1. Tigger says:


  2. brian says:

    Mickey, we met a few weeks ago when you came to the house and bought a topper from me. We shot the breeze for quite some time afterward. I have, recently, been informed of some remodeling that I may be involved in at the newly constructed “poverty palace” as you call it. It seems the motor vehicles office doesn’t like where their door is located and feel they would much better be able to serve the citizens if their counter was, approximately, five feet longer. Which it will be once said door is relocated behind new wall. This will be a costly remodel on taxpayer dollars. You are probably already privy to this information. Good day.

  3. Belinda loosen says:

    I have been reading the recent posts of your blog and I am very happy that someone is risking the wrath of all officials by noting the inconsistencies in how justice is dispersed in this county. I spent 6 years serving my state in the MNARNG back in the 80’s and I recognize a good old boys network when I see one. Keep up your good work it is an inspiration to me and many others who are to afraid to speak the truth!

  4. Dawn LeTour says:

    Looks like someone doesn’t have enough to do – and in case you haven’t noticed, no one is interested in your right leaning propaganda.

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