Didn’t the NFL and the city of Minnecrapolis think of this? Why should all the taxpayers be on the hook for this? Oh, wait, didn’t the NFL prohibit the police from carrying weapons while working security at their games? Screw the NFL.


Minneapolis seeks assistance from National Guard for Super Bowl

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Minnesota will soon be hosting the championship game of the National Football League. And Minnesota wants help from its National Guard.

Via Libor Jany of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Governor Mark Dayton has been asked to mobilize the National Guard to assist with security in connection with the Super Bowl. In a letter to Dayton, Mayor Betsy Hodges and Mayor-elect Jacob Frey wrote that Minneapolis police “cannot by themselves meet of all the safety and security needs of the 10 days of Super Bowl LII while maintaining public-safety operations for the entire city.”

The National Guard members would handle matters such as “pedestrian safety, traffic control, security for key venues and infrastructure, and transport,” allowing police officers to focus on other tasks.

Per the report, Minneapolis officials characterized the request as routine. If that’s the case, shouldn’t the request have been baked in to the proposals and other plans prepared months ago? It seems that it’s all happening now, only weeks before the event.

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