A sad story of an American hero. If you can help, there is an address at the end of the article linked below.

Insurance Sending Cpl. Nick Tullier Home, Except He’s Now Homeless

Doctors are finally ready to send Corporal Nick Tullier home, 16 months after he was shot three times in the line of duty, but he doesn’t have a home to go to anymore.

Galveston, TX – Corporal Nick Tullier, of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, may never walk again, or talk again, or live a normal life, after he was shot three times in the line of duty by cop killer Gavin Long.

But amazingly, after 16 months of fighting an uphill battle for his life every single day, doctors feel that the wounded hero can finally go home.

There’s only one problem: Cpl. Tullier is homeless.

Cpl. Tullier was shot three times on July 17, 2016, rushing into an ambush that had already killed three police officers in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The pre-meditated attack occurred 10 days after five police officers were murdered in Dallas.

Three weeks after Cpl. Tullier was shot, a historic flood swept through Louisiana, destroying 49,000, or 86.6 percent, of the homes in Livingston Parish, where Nick and his family lived, according to statistics posted by WAFB.

“We were oblivious,” Nick’s father James Tullier explained, in an interview with Blue Lives Matter.

James Tullier and the rest of Nick’s family were in their own world, keeping vigil at their Nick’s bedside in the intensive care unit. When they finally came up for air, their world had collapsed yet again.

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