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Lawsuit: Idaho Father Killed By Doomsday Prepper Deputy In Bull Euthanasia Gone Awry

The family of a man shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy after being asked to euthanize his bull says the law enforcement official has a history of obsession with firearms.

The sheriff’s office called Jack Yantis during dinner. A car had struck one of Yantis’ bulls, and the animal needed to be put down. Minutes later, Jack Yantis would be dead beside his animal.

The events of that November 2015 night remain the subject of fierce debate in Adams County, Idaho, where Yantis and his family owned a cattle ranch. When Yantis and his family went outside to shoot the bull, they encountered two sheriff’s deputies at the scene. The deputies fired at least 14 shots at Yantis, killing him on the spot. Both deputies claimed the shooting was in self-defense.

But in a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office filed on Friday, Yantis’ family describes the incident as murder by an officer who had previously spoken of a looming societal collapse, during which he would allegedly need to kill looters.

Jack Yantis, 62, would never have crossed paths with the officers had it not been for the call from the emergency dispatcher. One of Yantis’ bulls had wandered onto the dark road and collided with a car, the dispatcher said. The dispatcher asked the Yantis family if they would euthanize the animal.

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