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Doing the right thing is a remarkable feat these days.

Roofers in Maine stop work to respect national anthem, flag By Madeline Farber, Fox News Three Maine roofers stand for the playing of the national anthem.  (Michelle Lyons Cossar) Three Maine roofers put their hammers down and stood up to show respect for the national anthem on Saturday, in the process unknowingly posing for a […]

This story has never made much sense to me….

WARNING SIGNS Lawsuit: Idaho Father Killed By Doomsday Prepper Deputy In Bull Euthanasia Gone Awry The family of a man shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy after being asked to euthanize his bull says the law enforcement official has a history of obsession with firearms. KELLY WEILL 10.15.17 5:55 PM ET The sheriff’s office […]

Consequences of the war on police.

118 Law Enforcement Officers Killed/Died in Line of Duty in 2016, Up 37% from 2015 By Susan Jones | October 16, 2017 | 11:44 AM EDT (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) ( – Of the 118 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year, up 37 percent from 2015, the FBI reported on Monday. […]

Let them try it for a day or two and see how well it works. How progressive!!

Several Minneapolis Candidates Say They Believe In A City Without Police Officers byGinnyReed 22 hrs –edited The candidates answered a question about a city without police officers in a voter guide survey organized by a local activist group. Minneapolis, MN – Several candidates for Minneapolis City Council and Mayor said in a local voter’s guide […]

An act of pride and kindness.

Marines surprise widow with new flags after hers were stolen POSTED 2:39 PM, OCTOBER 14, 2017, BY MAIA BELAY, UPDATED AT 05:05PM, OCTOBER 14, 2017 BARBERTON MARINE WIDOW SURPRISED WITH NEW FLAGS   BARBERTON, Ohio — It’s often the small gestures that make the biggest impact. For one Barberton woman the kindness of strangers brought her […]

A refreshing story in these days of pot stirring and incessant race baiting.

Classmates Speak Out About Detroit Firefighter Who Was Fired Over Watermelon BY ANDREW BLAKE ON OCTOBER 12, 2017 Detroit probationary firefighter Robert Pattinson was fired after he brought a watermelon to his fire station for his new co-workers. Black Firefighters Say They Support Fired Colleague Detroit, Michigan – A group of Detroit firefighters showed support […]

And you wonder why our country is broke? Your tax dollars hard at work…

Feds Spend $246,785 on ‘Facebook Intervention’ for Young Gay Smokers ‘Culturally-tailored intervention’ A drag queen takes a backstage cigarette break / Getty Images BY: Elizabeth Harrington October 12, 2017 5:00 am The National Institutes of Health is spending over $200,000 on a “Facebook intervention” targeting young gay people who smoke. The University of California, San […]

Rescuer does the right thing.

RESCUER OF KIDNAPPED GIRL GIVES HER REWARD MONEY 15-year-old held by 3 men for weeks before escaping Published: 1 day ago (PIONEER PRESS) ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — Earl Melchert wasn’t supposed to be home that Tuesday afternoon. Melchert, an employee of Elbow Lake Co-op Grain, had been working near his home near Barrett and made a […]

Try to convince me we don’t live in the greatest country in the world.

Car dealership offers free truck to veteran Taylor Winston who rescued Las Vegas victims Aris Folley,, 7 hours ago An Arizona car dealership has spent the past week trying to get in touch with a 29-year-old Iraq War veteran after he was recognized as a hero for seizing a truck to save critically injured […]

For Dems, its not about saving lives, its about gun control.

Klobuchar: ‘There Is an Opening Here’ for More Gun Control By Susan Jones | October 6, 2017 | 9:28 AM EDT Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) sees “an opening here” for gun control legislation. (Photo: Screen grab from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”) ( – One day after the National Rifle Association agreed with various Republicans that bump […]