Sadly, it appears Sheriff David Clarke has resigned. I’m hoping its because he accepted a position in the Trump administration.

BREAKING: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Resigns

Sheriff Clarke is withdrawing from the Department of Homeland Security position.

Sheriff Clarke has resigned as the Sheriff of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Clarke Resigns

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned from his position as Sheriff, according to Milwaukee County Clerk George L. Christenson.

Sheriff Clarke submitted hit letter of resignation on Thursday at 3:17 PM.

No immediate explanation was available for why Clarke resigned, or what he plans to do next.

Video of that announcement is below:

Sheriff Clarke, a democrat, is known for being an outspoken critic of Black Lives Matter and other anti-police groups. He was first appointed as sheriff in 2002 by then-Governor Scott McCallum and then elected to Sheriff ever since.

Milwaukee county supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde called on Clarke to resign in December after an in-custody death in the Milwaukee County Jail, saying, “I think there is a counterproductive and negative culture that has been established at that jail. The creation of that culture starts at the top with Sheriff Clarke.”

There’s no evidence that Sheriff Clarke’s resignation is the result of pressure to resign or the result of any accusations of wrongdoing. It’s likely that Sheriff Clarke has another job lined up, but until he says more, we can only speculate.

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