Our ineffective and incompetent county attorney strikes again.


Tom Pertler’s mug shot

It was published last week that one of our local scumbags pleaded guilty to murder, of course, it involved a plea agreement.  Wayne Joseph Bosto has a criminal history dating back to 2001 when he was 18 and that history includes multiple convictions for various degrees of assault, brawling, felon in possession of a firearm and a variety of other crimes.

I find it hard, real hard, to believe he should have gotten a break of any kind, particularly when he’s got a conviction for felon in possession of a firearm, but thats the charge the county attorney chose to drop for the plea agreement.  Incompetence at its finest.  Keep in mind, our judges don’t have to accept these ridiculous plea agreements either….

Nice gig, if you could get it.

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