What an embarrassment. governor goofy once again proves he’s unfit for office. think he knows what “acquitted” means?

Gov. Mark Dayton To Spend over $10 Million on Police Training Named After Philando Castile

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants a lot of taxpayer money to train officers to work in diverse areas.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants a lot of taxpayer money to train officers to work in diverse areas.

Governor Mark Dayton Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Nonsense Training

St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is requesting $12 million to set up a training fund named after Philando Castile, which is supposed to train police to ‘work in diverse communities,’ according to KSTP.

Considering that police are already trained to work in the diverse communities they serve, this training is either a nonsense training meant to give the appearance of making an effort to improve comething, or it’s going to be a Black Lives Matter training session.

Considering that Governor Mark Dayton’s history, it seems likely that it’s the latter.

After the Philando Castile shooting, as the investigation was just getting started, Governor Mark Dayton declared that Castile was shot for being black and that the officers responsible would be brought to justice.

Governor Dayton then created a “Council on Law Enforcement and Community Relations.” The governor handpicked and appointed voting and non-voting co-chairs for the council which included a representative from Black Lives Matter, as well as family members of people who have been justifiably shot by the police.

In his reasoning for creating the council, Dayton blamed the assassinations of officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Palm Springs as being caused by “aggravation” from the community’s relationship with police. The governor also referred to the assassinations as “deaths,” as if they were just some sort of inconsequential accident.

The council is supposed to work to reform police procedures, sentencing reform, prosecutorial discretion, to improve “community health and wellness,” and is likely the source of this new training being proposed by the governor.

A year ago, the tone of the Philando Castile shooting was set after his girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath and provided false information about what had happened.

The dash camera video shows that Philando Castile told Officer Jeronimo Yanez that he was armed, then the officer told Castile repeatedly not to reach for his gun.

Philando Castile responded, “I don’t have to reach for it,” while reaching in the area where his gun was located.

It was later determined that Castile was high on marijuana at the time of the stop, which impaired his ability to listen to Officer Yanez when he was instructed not to reach for his gun. Officer Yanez shot Castile after he ignored orders and reached towards his gun.

A jury acquitted Officer Jeronimo Yanez of manslaughter last month for the shooting.


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