Ideas so good they must be mandated..The Left eats their own….and it looks like governor goofy is in on it..

Keith Ellison Calls for Security to Deal With Bernie Supporter

The man interrupted a press conference to criticize the Democratic Party.

The deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), called for security at a press conference on Wednesday to get rid of a Bernie Sanders supporter who was expressing his displeasure with the Democratic Party.

“Can somebody call security?” Ellison asked as the man slammed the Democratic Party for its failure to appeal to its base. “He wants to be pulled out of here, so let’s accommodate him.”

“Why don’t the Democrats pass the single-payer program?” the man asked. “You guys want to go on and on about the Republicans. Democrats are as much to blame.”

The man also criticized Schumer and Pelosi for their Wall Street ties, as Ellison repeatedly called for someone to throw the man out of the event.

Eventually, someone came over and escorted the man out as the room applauded.

As the Democratic Party attempts to heal the divide between its base and leadership, the image of one of its leaders calling security on a member of the base will not play well.

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