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Watch: Sister sings touching song she wrote for brother with Down syndrome in viral video


According to the Irish Independent, Leah Kirwan, 17, wrote the song for her younger brother, Noah. The video, published online earlier this month, has been viewed more than 78,000 times.

Kirwan, a student from County Louth in Ireland, is an aspiring musicianwho sometimes posts videos of herself signing on Facebook.

In her song, Kirwan tells her brother, “The day I saw your baby face, you make this world a better place.”

The song continues:

Cause you are a star to me and everyone in this family, you can live the life you want and be what you want to be

Despite your differences and troubles in the path, I’m always here for you, just remember that

Ignore what bad people say, you’ll meet a lot along the way

Show them all what you can do and know I am so proud of you.

Kirwan adds that “We’re blessed to have you here today, you’re amazing in every single way.”

Comments on the video were overwhelmingly positive.

“Such a beautiful song,” one Facebook user wrote. “I have a little girl with [Down syndrome] and it made cry what lovely words.”

“Wonderful beautiful song for a very handsome young man,” another wrote.

The siblings also made headlines in 2015 for their viral rendition of the song “Titanium” by DJ David Guetta and singer Sia. At the time, Leah said it was Noah’s favorite song.

According to the Offaly Express, Leah, Noah, and the rest of the Kirwan family — their father Darren, their mother Richenda, and siblings Hannah and Elaina – are “still overwhelmed” by the reaction the first video received.

“I can’t believe the attention the video received but I’m delighted it did,” Leah told the Express last year. “Noah is my brother and my best friend, we love making each other smile.”

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