Union thugs, good old boys, and incestuous government on steroids. It would appear corruption is alive and well in Cloquet.

I’ve been watching this story with my ear to the ground and am only speculating, but I’m guessing…and its only a guess…that Chief Stracek stirred the pot, tried to make some productive changes, irritated the city council, wanted to make changes that weren’t popular within the department, and the union made a determined effort to get him down the road.  

It makes very little sense, to me, that a man with a solid career history as an LEO, with no discernible history of misbehavior in office, would be forced to retire after a bit over 2 1/2 years as an administrator and 21 years on the Duluth PD, based on ONE single complaint by the union that represents the officers Chief Stracek is commanding.

Almost more disturbing is what appears to be a witch hunt by city administrators to play along with the crowd that wanted to get rid of him.  Spending $10,660 for an investigation that revealed NOTHING, paying the chief to stay home, paying a Sgt. to act as chief…having a seven hour CLOSED door meeting that didn’t end until 0230 hours…  Come on already.

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  1. Kristine P Wise says:

    This thing stinks to high heaven. Meanwhile we have an acting Chief who had sex with a someone in an investigation.

  2. Kristine P Wise says:

    Tax payer are on the hook for the ten Grand p!us they violated open meet law.

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