– The Washington Times – Thursday, May 11, 2017


Minnesota is facing a bit of a measles crisis, with nearing 50 confirmed cases in the last four weeks — a level that hasn’t been seen in three decades or so.

But the blame for this crisis is being wrongfully cast on anti-vaccination activists, and not on open border folk, where it more rightfully belongs.

It should be noted these cases came primarily from the Somali community of Hennepin County. They also come from a state with a massive refugee acceptance rate.

As the StarTribune wrote way back in December 2015: “Minnesota is poised to receive more refugees in 2016 than in any year for almost a decade. … Roughly three-quarters of the [2015] newcomers settled in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Of the 2,338 total, almost 45 percent hailed from Somalia. … Minnesota remains near the top among states for refugee resettlement … [and] is the top destination for refugees who move from the state where they were originally resettled.”

And now that state, and in particular, that county in the state known for taking in Somalian refugees, is experiencing a near-historic measles outbreak.

Coincidence? Methinks not.