Terry Nyblom (City of Vadnais Heights)
Terry Nyblom (City of Vadnais Heights)

Terry Nyblom, 53, was taken into custody at his Vadnais Heights home early Sunday morning after quarreling with a 53-year-old St. Paul woman in his home, and allegedly trying to prevent her from placing a 911 call, according to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s department.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home on the 700 block of Hiawatha Avenue at about 1:30 a.m. They were responding to a 911 call.

They found the caller “crying, visibly shaking and (having) a hard time speaking because she was so upset,” according to an incident report. The woman “stated that she is involved in a romantic/sexual relationship with Terry Nyblom.”

She told the deputies that Nyblom was “extremely intoxicated” and had been yelling at her to leave the house, according to the report. Nyblom made verbal threats to kill or injure her, adding that “they’re not going to do anything to me, I’m a city councilman,” the woman alleged.

She said Nyblom then grabbed the woman by the collar of her jacket, pulled her up forcefully from her chair and tried to choke her, according to the report. Deputies said they found a bruise on her right bicep where the jacket rubbed the skin.

The woman told the deputies she tried to call 911 using a landline telephone, but that Nyblom “took it and threw it.” She then placed a 911 call using her cell phone, according to the report. She said she was “extremely scared and feared for her life” and had called a friend to pick her up.

She added that Nyblom had been drinking alcohol since the morning of April 29 and had also done so on the evening of April 28.

A deputy described Nyblom as having bloodshot and watery eyes along with slurred speech, a strong smell of alcohol, and difficulty maintaining his balance. Nyblom “admitted to consuming a six pack but denied that anything physical happened” with the woman, according to the report.

He declined to take a preliminary breath test, according to the deputies.

Nyblom was placed under arrest, taken to the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center and charged with disorderly conduct, domestic assault, fifth-degree assault and interfering with a 911 call, according to the report.