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More liberal hypocrisy. Yes, even Governor Goofy (then Senator Goofy) voted for a border wall in 2006. Don’t believe me, do your own research.

The Barrier to the Border Wall Democrats in Congress are threatening a shut down over the wall, so Republicans removed $1.5 billion in funding for it. Lewis Morris · Apr. 26, 2017 President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are working to reduce illegal border crossings already, but the courts and Congress would prefer he stop what […]

Taxpayer relief. Hump day feel good story.

Missouri 7-Eleven worker shoots would-be robber dead on her smoke break Published April 26, 2017 New York Post A customer is seen at a Seven-Eleven convenience store in Tokyo December 22, 2010.  (Reuters) A Missouri convenience store clerk was hailed as a “she-ro” by fellow employees after police said she fatally shot a would-be robber […]