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WATCH: Teacher Saryna Parker Tells Trooper, ‘I Want To Kiss You,’ During Field Sobriety Tests

Saryna Parker said she wanted to kiss the trooper investigating her for DUI.

Saryna Parker said she wanted to kiss the trooper investigating her for DUI.

Now-Former Teacher Saryna Parker Asked To Kiss Cop Investigating Her For DUI

Homestead, FL –  Drunk probationary Miami-Dade teacher Saryna Parker, is now a former teacher, and facing multiple charges after driving drunk and saying she wanted to kiss the trooper investigating her DUI (video below.)

According to NBC New York,  the dash camera video of her arrest was released on Friday.

On March 19th, Florida Highway Patrol troopers responded to a report of a suspect crashing their vehicle into a car on South Dixie Highway near Southwest 182nd Avenue.  Upon their arrival, they found Parker’s vehicle, a Cadillac, had slammed into the back of a van.  Her 10-year-old child, who was not injured, was in the back seat of her vehicle.

In the video, Parker appears to be stumbling during field sobriety tests and slurring her words when she talks.  She was openly flirtatious with the trooper, leaning into him, demanding that he do one sobriety test with her, and telling him repeatedly that she wanted to kiss him.  She also told the trooper how lucky he would be if did kiss her.

She was also unsteady on her feet, swaying from side to side, and failed to follow directions.  Parker was arrested, and the trooper wrote in his report that she “violently kicked me in the groin with her right leg then continued to kick my right rear passenger side door.”

During the incident she also complained about her students, and said “I’m so f—ing tired of dealing with these p—- a– teenagers…let me go home for a while.”

The trooper also noted in his report that Parker had the odor of alcohol on her breath.  Parker initially denied that she was driving.  She also said that she needed to use the bathroom and started walking toward a nearby Burger King.  When the trooper stopped her from going to Burger King, she “violently pulled away.”

Parker, age 43, has been charged with DUI, DUI with property damage, careless driving, and battery on a police officer.  She was booked into jail but has since been released on bond.


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