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Three More Murder Charges in East Hillside Shooting

Noah King, Deandre Davenport, Noah Baker: Charged with second degree murder in the death of Will Grahek

Baihly Warfield
March 07, 2017 10:50 AM

The three men who allegedly went into UMD student Will Grahek’s home, intending to rob him on Feb. 14, have all been charged with second degree murder and first degree attempted aggravated robbery.

Deandre Davenport, 21, had a 9mm Glock, the complaint says. He is allegedly the one who pulled the trigger.

According to the complaint, Xavier Haywood, who was charged yesterday, had told the three there were “large amounts of cash and controlled substances” in a safe in Grahek’s bedroom.

Investigators did recover a safe that contained controlled substances and cash from Grahek’s bedroom after the homicide, the complaint says.

The shooting happened between 1:53 and 2 p.m. Authorities say other residents heard yelling and the statement, “Get down on the ground,” before hearing gunshots. The complaint said Grahek refused to turn over his “stash” and also refused to get on the ground.

The three then allegedly fled in a car driven by Tara Baker, who was also charged yesterday. According to investigators, they did not take the safe with them.

Tara Baker is Noah Baker’s sister, and she is in a relationship with Deandre Davenport.

Will Grahek was a UMD student, and he had also studied at St. Scholastica. He was a specialist in the 312th Army Reserve Engineer Company.

Police say they found a trail of footprints between 18-year-old Noah King’s residence and Grahek’s, and they matched King’s shoe tread pattern to the footprints.

Haywood and Tara Baker appear in court again March 30. Noah Baker, King and Davenport have their first appearances Tuesday morning.

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