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Men arrested with 570 pounds of drugs

By Jeff Meier

Published 7:00 am Sunday, March 5, 2017

Three men from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area face charges in Otter Tail County District Court after they were pulled over Wednesday in a truck that contained a reported 570 pounds of marijuana, according to the court complaint.

Vontrail Dante Kendle, 32, Michael Corey Dunnorm, 23, and Anthony Pillar Williams, 21, had their first appearances Friday in court for charges of possessing 50 kilograms or more of marijuana. Each person is charged with one count of the crime.

The haul of marijuana was reportedly found in the bed of the truck in 18 large duffle bag-style suitcases. Each suitcase allegedly had 25 or so individually wrapped packages of marijuana in them that weighed 1.25 pounds each. The marijuana is worth an estimated $1.75 million.

The case files for the three state that driver Kendle, and passengers Dunnorm and Williams, were pulled over by a Minnesota State Patrol Trooper on Interstate 94 near Fergus Falls in a Ford F-150 on Wednesday afternoon. The truck reportedly has obscured back and front license plates that were barred and illegible.

The trooper asked the men where they were traveling to and from and they all reportedly told the trooper conflicting stories about a trip from St. Paul to California and back to St. Paul.

The truck was towed and searched because it had obscured identification. A key found in the front seat area of the truck opened a cover on the truck bed which is where the investigators allegedly found the drugs.

All three are in custody and the next hearing they have is on March 27.

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