With any luck, the server will get a little special attention by the local PO-PO

Southside Flying Pizza Employee Leaves Profane Message For Police Officer Customer, Company Has Best Response


An Austin Police officer got an unexpected message in his Southside Flying Pizza receipt.

Southside Flying Pizza Sets Standard For Dealing With Employees Who Disrespect Police

Austin, Texas – A police officer stopped at Southside Flying Pizza for a bite to eat, and he was instead given a profane message attacking his profession. The company immediately responded with one of the best responses we’ve seen.

An Austin Police Officer posted to Facebook, “Was hoping to get a quick slice for the road. Instead, got a bad vibe from the cashier. What sealed the deal for me was seeing her taking a picture of the patrol car while flipping it off. Good times. The receipt is proof after the fact that it was money well spent to learn about this place. We did NOT eat the food.”

The officer included a picture of his receipt (see above) which included the message, “pig ass motherfucker.”
In the past, when employees have disrespected law enforcement, it can sometimes take days for companies to respond. The cowardly companies usually need to plan out how to respond to the incident while avoiding the politically unpopular appearance of supporting the police. Sometimes, such as the case with Walmart, they never really acknowledge wrongdoing or clarify how the incident was addressed. This is not the case with Southside Flying Pizza.

In what is possibly the best, most concise response from a company, “We are appalled and have fired the employee.” Those eight words said much more than pages of press releases from PR folk from other companies with problem employees.

Southside Flying Pizza didn’t stop there though. They went on to announce that they have donated $200 to the police officer’s memorial foundation.

I’ve been involved in covering a lot of stories about problem employees and companies waging their own war on police, but few of those other companies have so effectively communicated that they were dealing with a problem employee who was subsequently terminated for their actions.

Please share this, and spread the word, this is how companies should be handling their problem employees.

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