Do you wonder why cops work so hard only to constantly get pissed on? Here’s a turd that knocked around his wife and assaulted a Deputy, only to get released without bail.

Crosby man who grabbed deputy’s throat faces domestic charges

By BRAINERD DISPATCH on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:50 a.m.
Justin Lee Abbott
A 33-year-old Crosby man arrested for domestic assault faces several criminal charges after allegedly grabbing a Crow Wing County Sheriff’s deputy by the throat during his arrest.

Justin Lee Abbott made his first appearance Wednesday in Crow Wing County District Court in front of Judge Richard Zimmerman. He’s been charged with felony domestic assault by strangulation, two gross misdemeanors of fourth-degree assault of a peace officer and obstructing the legal process with a peace officer and misdemeanor domestic assault.

Abbott was released on his own recognizance later Wednesday from Crow Wing County Jail.

According to the statement of probable cause filed against Abbott, the Crosby Police Department was called at 11:05 p.m. Sunday to a disturbance in Crosby. Crow Wing County Dispatch advised officers the report was coming in from a third party who received a message, possibly from a child at the residence, stating to send the police quick. Due to past contacts at the residence and the nature of the call, the Crosby officer requested an additional officer also respond.

Upon arrival, the officer met with a female victim, who reported Abbott had physically assaulted her during an argument. While the officer was speaking with the victim, Abbott opened the back door of the residence to look outside, and when he observed the officer, he slammed the door closed and then locked it. Despite obtaining permission from the victim to enter the residence, the officer was unable to gain entry because Abbott had locked the doors. The officer observed Abbott from outside the residence while he waited for additional officers to arrive. The officer observed Abbott yelling at the children who were inside the residence and saw him using his cell phone. Abbott was described as agitated by the officer.

Additional law enforcement officers arrived and secured a perimeter around the residence. After multiple attempts to get Abbott to open the door, Abbott complied and opened the door to the residence. The officer immediately noticed a knife clipped to Abbott’s right pants pocket which he seized for officer safety. The officer then instructed Abbott to turn around so a pat search for weapons could be completed. Abbott complied. The officer then instructed Abbott to put his hands behind his back. Initially Abbott complied, but then began to pull his arms up, despite being given multiple loud commands, and he continued to pull his arms away from the officer and physically pull away, the complaint stated.

The officer and a Crow Wing County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to subdue Abbott, but Abbott continued to physically resist, and while doing so, Abbott grabbed the deputy by the throat, the complaint stated. Officers were eventually able to get Abbott down toward the ground where he landed on the coffee table, and Abbott continued to physically fight officers, the complaint stated. The officer eventually drew his Taser and used the probes to stun into Abbott’s lower left side. The Taser did not initially have its desired effect as Abbott continued to physically fight officers. The officer had to move the body of the Taser before Abbott indicated he was done fighting and was willing to comply.

After Abbott was arrested and taken into custody, he apologized to the officers and requested that his apology be communicated to the deputy.

The officer then obtained information from the victim, who stated she and Abbott were arguing throughout the day. Later that night, she stated Abbott began arguing with her so she went to the basement. She stated that Abbott followed her and grabbed her by the throat and her breathing became constricted, but not completely cut off so she could still breath, the complaint stated.

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