The critics either don’t care or simply don’t understand why gun free zones turn into shooting galleries.

Wyoming House passes bill that does away with gun-free zones in schools
Brandon Morse Feb 2, 2017 7:40 pm

On Wednesday, the Wyoming House of Representatives passed House Bill 194 in a landslide vote of 46-14.

The nature of the bill, known as “The School Safety and Security Act,” is such that it would allow school districts decide whether or not they would allow their employees to carry on school grounds, provided they have a concealed carry permit.

The bill found opposition from both sides of the argument, with anti-gun legislators stating that guns have no place in schools, and those who didn’t think the law went far enough, as it still allowed school districts to refuse to allow firearms on campus by legal carriers.

“I support Second Amendment rights, but I cannot support anything that puts guns in schools,” said Democrat Debbie Bovee.

Wyoming isn’t the only state seeking to eliminate school gun-free zones. The state of Kentucky is also taking steps with Republican Rep. Thomas Massie taking the lead with the “Safe Students Act.” Florida Senator Greg Steube is also looking to end gun-free zones in schools as well with Senate Bill 140.

While The School Safety and Security Act passed the Wyoming House with flying colors, legislators believe that the chances of it passing in the Senate are slim. Regardless, the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. John Eklund, believes that this is a great way to see a brighter future for gun rights, stating “If we’re trying to get full rights, this will kind of crack the door open.”

As House Bill 194 works its way through Wyoming’s system, two other pro-gun bills are making headway as well. House Bill 136 has also been passed which allows anyone with a concealed carry permit to legally possess a firearm on university campuses. Also passed was House Bill 137, which removes gun-free zone laws from government meetings.

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