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Good Samaritan, Marsha Hanna, Comes To Aid Of Two Bonner County Deputies Shot By Adam Foster


Marsha Hanna helped Bonner County deputies after Adam Foster shot them.

Adam Foster Shot Bonner County Deputy Michael Gagnon and Deputy Justin Penn

Bonner County, ID – Two Bonner County Sheriff’s deputies were shot on Monday, while trying to serve an arrest warrant on Adam Foster in Blanchard, Idaho.

According to The Spokesman-Review, three deputies went to the residence in the 700 block of Mountain View Road around 11:20 AM to serve the warrant. The suspect who was inside the residence was armed and opened fire on the the Bonner County Deputies, hitting Deputy Michael Gagnon and Deputy Justin Penn three times each. Deputy William Craffey was also there, but was not hit in the gunfight.

According to KHQ6, an ER nurse, Marsha Hanna, was in the right place at the right time and assisted the wounded Deputies. She said that she was walking her horses up the mountain, heard gunshots and assumed someone was doing target practice.

Marsha Hanna also said that she “got a little farther up the hill with them and came around a corner and an officer came out. He had been bleeding but he was telling me to get back.” She said that she told the Deputy that she was an ER nurse and he asked her to help him. She also said that there wasn’t a lot of time to worry about her own safety. “It was fleeting. I was more worried about getting them help. I just wanted to help them,” she said.

Marsha Hanna further said that she was thankful she was able to help and that “God had a plan for me with having me there, I think…I’m just glad I had the training to do it.”

The suspect, Adam Foster, was also shot. Information has not been released if he was shot by one or both of the Deputies or if he shot himself. Foster was also transported to Kootenai Health for treatment and is listed fair condition. It is unknown when he will be medically cleared for a court appearance and charges are pending.

Bonner County deputies had responded to the suspect’s residence before. According to The Bonner County Daily Bee, a call for a welfare check was made on December 16, 2016; a call for a family offense was made on January 10, 2017, and a follow-up to the family offense call was made on January 11, 2017.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the two Bonner County deputies who are recovering from being shot. We also send our gratitude to Marsha Hanna, who put herself in danger to help the two wounded deputies.

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