Thank you, Democratic Party, for electing Trump

By Guest Columnist
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Published 10:00 am Sunday, January 15, 2017

Column: From the Right By Bill Schulz

Seldom do I praise you Democrats, but I offer my heartfelt gratitude to you for electing Donald Trump.

You all campaigned vigorously, raucously, shamelessly trampling on the truth. Your Democrat-controlled media, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, progressives, socialists, Marxists, race mongers were in frenzied fury against all who questioned your supposed superiority. With your opposition, how could Trump be beaten?

Who can reasonably doubt that your candidate, Hillary, was probably the least trusted candidate for office in a century? Her agenda was a thinly disguised continuation of the Obama plan to pit Americans against each other. Have you no clue that when you challenged working stiffs to rise up against overprivileged elites you were inviting them to throw you out? When you exploited every opportunity to characterize white men as racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamiphobic, did you think we would not remember? You berated us to love each other while venting hatred against anyone who doesn’t.

Your elitists worked hard to get Trump elected, describing his people as under educated white male dregs. Hillary described more than half of our population as “intolerables.” Was she so insulated from reality that she was describing all those whom she considered uneducated and dull-witted drudges in the Midwest and South? In her own words and from her staff and supporters we were characterized as “ fat from swilling beer, belching, watching football and auto races, toting guns.” She was so disdainful of them that she spent little time campaigning in states and communities where she might encounter them — and was stunned in disbelief when she lost Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, long “safe haven” for the left, but now gone to a candidate who thought enough of them to come to ask for their votes.

You organized various racial and ethnic groups to block highways, attack Trump supporters and disrupt Trump rallies, firebombing cars, looting nearby businesses. Hillary and Obama worked hard to validate Trump’s warnings on immigration by feverishly importing as many “refugees” possible from nations committed to hating and destroying us.

When Trump seemed obnoxious, incomprehensible, uninformed about things the entrenched elitist establishment set out to destroy him. In the end, they elected him by stirring a counter movement, which clenched their fists and swarmed the polls with a common, seething will to be shed of the elites, to send Hillary away, to join Trump in “draining the swamp.”

I wonder if Hillary or her elitist “progressives” have ever been in an American Legion or VFW hall? Would they ever associate with “those” kind of people? If she had done so, perhaps she would now be planning her coronation.

Let us not forget the media. Can anyone doubt that almost without exception all the media, print and electronic, were adamantly opposed to Trump? The news networks ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC, along with the New York Times, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and every large city newspaper and many others owned by national chains — all posing as respectable purveyors of facts, instead were converted to full blown Hillary campaign aides. They sneered at Trump. For the first time in many campaigns a candidate stood up to the distortions of the liberal press and went to social media to expose their lies, their bias. The press pushed millions of voters to Trump with openly dishonest tactics.

The voters repudiated Hillary and Obama. He had politicized the Department of Justice and IRS, and unleashed an EPA to regulate industries (and millions of jobs) out of existence. He failed to support police in their difficult endeavors to protect the people and remove criminals from our streets.

He demoralized and minimized our military; unleashed federal agents, prosecutors, courts, to create and enforce neuter gender bathrooms while ignoring growing drug distribution and violence in the streets.

Your Democrat Party has paid the price for eight years of Obama, 25 years of the Clintons.

Under Obama, you lost 63 seats in the House, 10 in the Senate, 14 governorships and more than 3,000 State legislative offices.

You Democrats scold us to be inclusive, while you’re a party of nastiness and bad manners. You mock religious believers as Neanderthal idiots, are hostile to any opinions but your own, and are ready to burn at the stake anyone who questions your credo of man-made global climate change.

Is it any wonder that the Democratic Party was responsible for Donald Trump’s election? Like all spoiled children you don’t ever think you have gone too far with your behavior. The voters sent the message, “Enough!”

And I add my thanks.

Ain’t this a great country?

Bill Schulz is a political conservative activist. He lives in Fergus Falls.

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