Priorities, I guess…nap or steal? Must be a tough decision.

Man falls asleep while allegedly burglarizing house
By Jamie Lund on Dec 28, 2016 at 10:44 a.m.

A Cloquet man was arrested in late November for burglary after falling asleep at the crime scene.

Jeffrey Alan Sutton, 29, was arrested Nov. 26 and charged with first-degree burglary Nov. 30 in Sixth District Carlton County Court.


According to the criminal complaint, Fond du Lac Tribal police were called to a residence about 10:30 p.m. Nov. 26 after homeowners discovered Sutton passed out in their kitchen.

The officers found Sutton asleep at the table and woke him. At that time Sutton was also found to be in possession of several stolen items from the residents’ home allegedly.

The residents were home when Sutton entered without permission.

“After the officers woke the defendant, he became extremely verbally abusive with officers and anyone involved, calling many derogatory names,” the criminal complaint stated.

Sutton has had several previous convictions, including theft of services, interference with privacy and entering a home/staring/peeping in a window in 2010. He was also convicted in February 2009 with felony criminal vehicular homicide-operating a vehicle with negligence and under the influence of a controlled substance. He served 365 days at Pine County Jail for that crime.

Sutton appeared in court on a bail hearing Nov. 29 in the most recent case and bail was set at $2,000. He will be back at the Carlton County courthouse for a contested omnibus hearing with Judge Robert Macaulay Dec. 14.

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