Leave it to a Minnesota libtard to make the news.

Minnesota elector refuses to back Clinton
BY BEN KAMISAR – 12/19/16 02:06 PM EST 28

Minnesota elector refuses to back Clinton
A Minnesota Democratic elector has become the first “faithless elector” of Monday’s nationwide Electoral College vote after refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, attempted to vote for a presidential ticket of Sanders and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, according to The Associated Press’s Kyle Potter.

Abdurrahman’s vote was declared invalid and an alternate elector was appointed, allowing the state to go ahead and deliver its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton.

Many liberals have protested Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, calling on Republican electors to refuse to back Trump. Instead, the day’s first “faithless elector” is a Democrat.

Minnesota was also the site of the last “faithless elector” in 2004, when one person voted for “John Ewards” for president. Democrat John Edwards had been on the ballot as John Kerry’s running mate, and its unclear whether the vote had been a mistake or if it was done out of protest.

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