This guy needs some special attention, don’t you think? H/T TAH

Derek Alldred back on the run

| December 14, 2016

Derek Alldred
We wrote about Derek Alldred earlier last month when he was arrested for defrauding women across the country, pretending to be a Navy SEAL. He was supposed to show up in court yesterday in Arizona, but, instead, he absconded and there’s a warrant out for him. From KARE:

“At this point he is a public safety risk to our community,” the Phoenix prosecutor told the judge.

But by making bail and disappearing before sentencing, he appears to have slipped through the cracks of justice again.

“It’s frustrating that it feels like the court systems don’t take this kind of crime seriously and they keep allowing him to run,” Linda said.

There is now a warrant out for Alldred’s arrest in Arizona. If he’s caught he’ll be held on $100,000 bail.

I hear that he’s using a new name – Steele Peterson

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