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Gratitude toward all law enforcement

By Letters to the Editor
Published 11:47 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

I am writing to express my gratitude to all who work in law enforcement in our area.

Thank you for doing your job to keep our community safe. Whenever I see you drive through my neighborhood, I feel safer knowing you are there. I have an older woman friend who lives by herself. She told me of a very scary visitor she had at her door late one night recently.

She was how very relieved and grateful when she called 911 and had a law enforcement officer show up within five minutes.

I am glad when I see the police car sitting outside of Adams school in the morning as the children are streaming in. It’s nice to know that just the police sitting in his squad car gives more safety to our children.

A few years ago I came home to a squad car sitting in our driveway. A very kind and patient officer was in my house with my father-in-law who had walked a block from our house and couldn’t find his way home. Thankfully a neighbor called the police and somehow the policeman was able to figure out where my father-in-law needed to go. When I came in I found the two of them having a good visit.

When I apologized to the officer for the inconvenience that we caused him he said no it isn’t often that he gets to spend time with such a nice man like my father-in-law. How good that made me and my father-in-law feel.

I’ll bet there are others who are reading this who could share similar stories.

Why not write and encourage our law officers in this way? Way too often we go on in our busy lives simply taking these kinds of blessings for granted, never expressing our gratitude.

I am very sorry for all the violence, attacks, disrespect and accusations that law enforcement officers have suffered recently.

I know that these men and women are not perfect nor do they do their jobs perfectly at all times. But when I try to imagine being in their shoes under the extreme pressure they are under and doing their jobs as well as they do, I know I never could. I also imagine what a scary place it would be to live where there were no police or sheriffs or firemen or others who put their lives in danger for strangers and often ungrateful and uncooperative strangers at that.

I don’t have to imagine what it would be like if all of our “good” law enforcement officers quit out of frustration and fear, I wouldn’t blame them sometimes.

I have lived in countries where most of the police force are corrupt, where when you call them with an emergency you don’t know if they’ll show up within an hour or maybe in 24 hours.

If you can, you avoid calling them because they’re showing up might mean more trouble and often involves a bribe of some kind.

So again I say thank you to all the law enforcement officers for the great and difficult jobs you do.

I also want you to know that I pray for your safety and I pray the Lord’s strength and blessings on you and your families.

Paula Quam

Fergus Falls

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