As it should be. Lets hope the bill passes and is aggressively enforced.

GOP Bill: No Flag, No Federal Funds For College

By Eric Scheiner | December 6, 2016 | 9:49 AM EST

screen_shot_2016-12-06_at_9-48-41_amRep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) sponsored the “Protect Our Flag Act”. (AP Photo)

( – 54 Republican legislators have signed on to a bill that would forbid federal funds to any “institution of higher education that removes, censors, takes down, prohibits, or otherwise halts display of a flag of the United States.”

H.B. 6433 or the “Protect Our Flag Act” is sponsored by Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio).

The briefly worded bill would allow colleges and universities to regain access to federal funds “upon complete and proper reinstatement, by the institution in its official capacity, of the flag of the United States at any and all locations on campus property (including across multiple campuses, if applicable) from which a previously displayed flag of the United States was removed, censored, taken down, prohibited, or otherwise halted from display pursuant to an official policy of the institution to prohibit the display of the flag of the United States by the institution.”

The measure has been introduced and was referred to the House Education and Workforce Committee on Friday.

The bill follows the controversy surrounding Hampshire College’s decision to remove the American flag. The Massachusetts based college made the decision after the flag was burned following the presidential election.

After weeks of protests, the college restored the flag on Friday.

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