Don’t buy into the lies and deceit.

Recently, the elected assclowns of the Carlton School Board (ISD 93) sent out this letter encouraging voters in the district to vote in favor of renewing a referendum set to expire.  Of course, there is no rational explanation for it.  At the end, it says your taxes will not go up if you vote yes.  Technically, that is sort of true but its a deceitful statement because they don’t tell you your taxes will go down once the referendum expires in 2017.  I get it, its a ploy and they think everyone is stupid enough to fall for it.  Sadly, many are and many will.  There is a term for this, its called lying by omission   When is enough, enough?  Never…its real easy to piss away other peoples money and trust me, this will be an ongoing thing.  Look at the red plan, that wasn’t even offered up for a vote.   If the image looks fuzzy, you can double click on it and open a larger, clearer image.


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